Friday, April 9, 2010

He's home

Wow what a day!

We went to pick up Charlie about 1:30pm from the vet here where we live. They do not do the type of surgery Charlie needed there.

We took him to an International pet hospital in Cairo recommended by one of Super S's friends. The vet checked him out, gave him some nutritional injections and said they do not do that type of surgery there but recommended a very good surgeon in a place called Maadi.

He called that doctor for us and on our way we were. Driving across crazy Cairo not knowing exactly where we were going. Super S stopped a bunch of times to ask directions and to make sure we were headed in the right direction.

We made it and what a great place and great vet!  Alot of expats and foreigners use this vet. It was the guys day off but he was in his clinic and ready to go. He said lets fix this poor little guys jaw right now. Super S stayed and observed while I of course sat in the lobby. Didn't take too long and we had him neutered as well. No more outdoors for our baby.

He is still groggy and coming out of the anesthesia slowly, and is like "what the hell is in my mouth..." Poor baby. Its hard again to see him in his groggy state, but so good to know he will be so much better soon. But I have to tell you both Super S and I are so relieved, like a huge weight and a huge amount of grief has been lifted.

We will have to feed him liquids for a few days, the doctor said after 4-5 days he will start slurping from a bowl. So it'll be a slow recovery and we are so happy to have him home and know he will be alright now.

Here he is now on the couch...

Thank you for all your kind comments, isn't it amazing how much love you can feel for an animal? It's a fairly new feeling for Super S and I, we have never had pets and in the last two years we have learned how special they are.


  1. I am so glad Charlie is ok!

  2. So glad he's on the mend! I'm sure you will do a fantastic job nursing him back to health!

  3. I'm so glad your little boy is on the mend.

  4. oh, i'm so glad he's all fixed up! wishing him a speedy recovery! i don't know what i would do if my kitty got hurt!

  5. Oh so glad Charlie is back home & on the road to recovery! Pets are amazing, they bring so much to your life, glad you guys have discovered this & are able to enjoy the love & companionship they give:)

  6. Awww..poor charlie! So glad he's home.

  7. I hope he feels all better soon! He's adorable! So happy you found a great vet.

  8. Brilliant news for Charlie!! I was looking for updates and I'm so relieved! Keep us posted and let us know how the recovery goes, we're going to bring The Dude to the vet to be neutered on tuesday, we had the appointment for the 29th but that's way too far!!

  9. oh, he looks SO tired! poor kid.
    good thing he's got such great people.

  10. Oh I'm so glad little Charlie is home. Hope he's back to his frisky self again soon!


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