Saturday, April 10, 2010

11 weeks

Today is 11 weeks for me and my babies.

My appetite has lessened quite a bit, a little scary I must admit, but then again dealing with poor Charlie the last few days, maybe that could be it? I sure hope so.

On the syptoms front, nada. Still no sickness. My belly is pudging out and I love it. I feel great. I sure hope all is well and of course I can't wait until the 26th for the nuchal scan. So for now, I will assume all is well and try to start eating more. Oh but I am still running to the bathroom pretty frequently.

Charlie is ok. Of course its just a day after having his jaw fixed. We tried to syringe feed him some soft food and some water, not happening. Super S took him the vet here where we live, had him give him his antibiotic injection and two injections of saline, one on the right and one on the left so he will not get dehydrated. When they got home he had like a burst of energy really. Its so hard to see him recovering, but we know he will be better with time.

He is sleeping as I type this...

We put him in one of the bedrooms at night and close the door as I am scared he is not yet ready to go exploring at night and go up and down the stairs. He has everything he needs in the room, water, soft food (hopefully soon he will try them- he will I know), his comfy bed, litter box and a nice lamp. When we woke up and went to him this morning, he was sleeping peacefully in his bed, so that was good to see. Then he came went right to the couch.

While we were eating dinner tonight, I happened to look over at him and he was looking right at us. We got up went to him, petted him awhile and talked to him. That was so cool for us, he was saying like "um, i would love to join you, but damn i just can't yet..." poor little guy. We have to be patient and know it will just get better for him.

It was so hot here in Cairo today, an unusual 95F with a very hot wind, kinda crazy. Not complaining, but man it was hot! How's the weather where you are?


  1. Oh, Charlie looks so cute! Hope his recovery continues to go well! Congrats on reaching the 11wk exciting!!! The weather is beautiful the 70's today, love this time of year:)

  2. Great to red that obviously you and the babies are well!
    Charlie looks beautiful; a real oriental type cat. Cats do recover so quick! I live with cats all my life, so there have been quite a few accidents in all those years. Usually fter 4-6 weeks all troubles re forgotten.
    Was he hit by a car? It somehow sounds like such an accident...
    you had another pretty cat with long hair in one post some time ago! It seems to be a Van cat, they are rare and special! Is it still around?
    Mine is just hanging over my left arm while I type this; so I have only one hnd free to write :)) She loves to do this....
    Lovely weekend to you

  3. Yeah for 11 weeks! I am sorry that you are not feeling much up to eating. I hope that your appetite comes back soon.

    I hope that Charlie's recovery is quick and he is feeling all better soon. I know it is scary when our fur-babies are hurt/not feeling well.

    Weather here is nice -- low 60s but windy so it feels a bit cooler. It is sunny though whihc is good! This past week, it was colder but warmed up today a bit.

    Hope you are having a great weekend! Hope the next two weeks fly by for your next appt.

  4. I am glad that you starting to pudge out. :)
    I hope that sweet little Charlie gets to feeling better soon.
    The weather here is wonderful- low 80s, with a slight wind and virtually no humidity. At night it is going down to low 60s. JUST PERFECT!!! I have the windows open now to let in the smell of all the wonderful flowers. The wisteria flowers are starting fade, and that makes me of my favorite parts of spring. :)

  5. Happy 11 weeks! The need to pee will get much better, but then toward the end it will get much worse and you won't always make it to the bathroom.

    It was mid-50s today, but it will be in the 60s tomorrow. It got up to the 80s earlier this week but that is too hot for April so I much prefer the 60s.

    What beautiful markings Charlie has!

  6. I hope Charlie is back to normal-ish soon.

    Yay for 11 weeks - I think the wait between scans is interminable! 2 more weeks?

    Weather here today was perfect - sunny and 75 degrees, slight breeze, no humidity. I'm hoping it's the same tomorrow.

  7. Happy 11 weeks! And all the best for the rest of the milestones. I am so happy that Charlie is so much better. Hope he starts with the soft food soon.

    The temp around here is just like yours, but it is not very windy. It does get cooler in the night!

  8. Our dog had a bad scratch on her eye a few weeks ago and it was so sad to see her lying on the couch all day closing the one eye (she normally is so active). Sorry you have to see Charlie that way too but he will be better soon!

    The weather here in Phoenix was absolutely beautiful today! High of 88. Anything in the 80s is perfect to me. :)

  9. Two days of fab weather in Dublin, can you imagine? But we had another Patches scare (I'll blog about it later) so i wasn't much in the mood to go out and enjoy the sunshine! Well done on 11 weeks (ehm ehm..) and it's great that you feel well my friend, can't wait to hear about the scan! love, Fran

  10. Congrats on 11 weeks and no sickness, you lucky duck, that is fabulous news!! Great that your tummy is pudging out - I just love that feeling too - every morning I wake up and give it a rub to see if he has grown more overnight!

    Hope your apetite comes back soon (I am tipping it will come roaring back any minute!) and that Charlie continues to recover!

  11. congrats on 11 weeks! your 2nd trimester is right around the corner! it's so awesome that you have no morning sickness. i hope it stays that way! and yay for the pudge!

    so happy to hear charlie is recuperating. poor lil guy. give him a nice pet for me please.

    the weather in NYC is perfectly springtime. :)

  12. Happy 11 weeks! It's good to hear that you are doing well and the Charlie is on the mend. Poor guy has had a rough go!

  13. Symptoms are so weird. Waxing and waning. I'm glad you're feeling good.
    I'm glad your little guy is doing well and you found that vet who came in on his day off to help him.
    I was excited it got into the 50's here...pfft. : )

  14. I'm glad you and the babies are doing well! Hope Charlie is recovering - I'm way behind in blog reading and only now catching up on the story - poor Charlie! It's gorgeous spring weather here - mid 80s (F) and sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky. I just planted all my annuals and love watching everything green up and bloom!

  15. Congratulations on 11 weeks!!!!!!!!!! Symptoms, lack of, can be really scary. I wasn't sick and often wished I was, so that I would know everything was okay. The staff at the clinic said that yes, it's always the infertility patients that *want* to be sick ;)

    Glad to hear that your little guy is recovering. It's such a helpless feeling when they can't tell us how they are doing. Love and prayers that all continues to go well.



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