Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Bella Band by Ingrid & Isabel

Could this just be the greatest invention ever? This wonderful thing they call the Bella Band?

I was looking at another brand of belly bands before, but read so many great reviews on this Belly Band by Ingrid & Isabel and a few of you mentioned that you love it, so I bought one last night. My dear friend will FEDEX it to me and I am so excited!

I am only 8 weeks today, but my tummy is a poppin' man. I have to unbutton my pants already and am thinking this Belly Band is going to be awesome. I love that it conceals the button and zipper, it smoothes it as they say, brilliant.

I wear larger fitting shirts as is, so most of my shirts will be able to be worn during my pregnancy. But my pants, those will need some Belly Banding.

I wish today was the 31st, I want to see my babies and know that they are ok. Super S and I are both so anxious and just want to see them again. Its so cute that he is so anxious too, he is really in tune with me, and just as nervous. Nervous like in a  good way I guess. You know  its taken so long for us to get to this point, and I think its hard for us to really let this sink in. I mean its real and we know that, but we are so needing reassurances, the ultrasounds provide that for us.

Have a great weekend and more soon.



  1. I've heard such great things about the bella band, I didn't get one myself but my sister adored hers.

    I remember hanging out for the next u/s, the next few days will seem to go so slowly. It's adorable that Super S is just as anxious as you :)

  2. You know that I am completely over the moon for you, right?

  3. So frustrating to wait between views of your babies! The next wait will probably be worse...

    I hope the band works well for you - I never had one, so I have no reviews for you.

  4. i loved my bella band during my fresh IVF cycle. looking forward to having to use it again soon!

    enjoy your buldge! :)

    the 31st will be here soon!

  5. I love the belly band, and had to start using it at 15 weeks because my pants got too tight ;)

    All the best for the 31st!



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