Saturday, March 6, 2010

6 weeks and cherry yogurt

Yogurt. Yoghurt. However you spell it, do you like it? I never have, ever.  I think yogurt is one of those foods you either really dig or you don't, at all.

My mom always ate yogurt with fruit and I just could never get into it. Super S has always loved it. I used to buy plain yogurt for him and sometimes add fresh fruits or nuts to it, but I always passed on trying any.

Then when we moved to Egypt about 5 years ago, I started trying it slowly, especially during Ramadan and now I absolutely love me some yogurt.

They have shops here in Egypt that are like milk stores. I don't know what they are called actually, but they sell fresh milk, unpasterized, you have to boil it before drinking, (I haven't braved that yet) cheeses and fresh yogurts. The yogurts are yummy though and those I have to add some sugar to eat.

But my favorite yogurt here is a store bought brand called Beyti and it has fruit at the bottom. I just finished one now with cherries, OMG! I have blackberry and some strawberry like in the pic above in the refrigerator.

When my mom was here last time she commented on how much more creamier the yogurt is here in Cairo as compared to the ones in the US. It is damn good and I am glad I like it.

I don't drink milk, never have and at least I am getting some calcium in addition to my vitamins this way. Funny thing, both my sister and I do not drink milk. We never did growing up, we were breast fed but my mom never gave us milk after. Till this day neither one of us drink milk. 

So, do you like yogurt?

Oh and its 6 weeks today. Next ultrasound Wednesday. Its still surreal to hear myself say or type I am pregnant, its like I'm dreaming man. I hope the dream continues on for awhile....


  1. Just laughing at myself, what a lame ass post yogurt???? Love it!

  2. Yup, we all love yogurt here! One of my favorite flavors is coconut cream.

  3. i used to hate yogurt, until i realized it didn't always have to be that over-sweetened crap that dannon, et al, peddle. i still remember the epiphany: on a 6th grade class trip to washington, dc, we had one fancy restaurant meal, at an afghan restaurant on the second floor of a townhouse building. we were firmly instructed by our very stern, somewhat terrifying teacher that we WOULD be trying everything we were served, even if it wasn't what we were used to, OR ELSE. hence, i tried the salad with sharp yogurt dressing, even though it was my worst fear, and WOW! Travel is broadening!

    (PS, if anyone reading this has any idea what restaurant this might have been and if it could still exist -- TELL ME.)

    sweet yogurt i didn't get into until Fage brand (thick, greek) started to turn up in stores here. particularly the kind with the sidecar of honey. yowzers. that's when i started to realize that sweet yogurt could be okay if i was in charge of the sweetness. now yogurt, granola, and berries is a standard breakfast on teaching days, when i have to eat on the train.

    and you thought a yogurt post was boring! now i've written a post-length fricking COMMENT on yogurt. I WIN THE BORING RACE.

    also, hooray for 6 weeks!

    i missed why you're on IVIG, but do you think that's made the difference? my mom is on it (for an autoimmune disease), and i can't believe how much healthier she is with it.

  4. I love yougurt, actualy my favourite kind is actually a cheese which I love natural with out sugar, just some fresh fruit. I think that mango and passion fruit is my favourite kind where sugar is added and it is premixed for you.

    it can be bought in wholefoods but otherwise it is only sold here and is a traditional viking food :)

  5. Happy 6 weeks!

    I bet that the yogurt in Egypt is more similar to "Greek" yogurt here. I do consume quite a bit of yogurt as well as liquid yogurt drinks. I prefer kefir to the American version of the drinks.

    A very good food for preggies, wise choice!

  6. Happy 6 weeks (and 3 days! I don't agree with your doctor eheheh!) and I love yogurt, specially the cherry one! Fran

  7. I never have been a milk drinker either but knew I needed the calcium during pregnancy. I ate Tums like crazy and yogurt was another option I chose, although I never really cared for it prior to pregnancy. Even after the boys, I'm still digging it.

    So exciting. Isn't is all a dream? It will be even after these babies are born, girl. you deserve it! Hope you are already taking plenty of pictures. I am so glad I did. Hugs!

  8. Happy 6 weeks!

    I am picky about the type of yogurt I eat but I definitely like it. My current favorite is greek style in a few different brands. I love to put crunchy stuff in it for breakfast, like cereal or granola.

  9. I drink milk, but I do not like yogurt. I haven't tried the Greek kind, which is supposed to be different and tastier, and probably similar to Egyptian - maybe I'll give it a shot.

  10. Not a huge yogurt fan. Congrats on your 6 weeks!

  11. Congrats on 6 weeks - whoo hoo!!

    I loves me some yoghurt - most especially greek style and because I am in Melbourne - the best yoghurt comes from the Queen Victoria Market - mmmmm, delicious. My favourite is passionfruit, followed by rhubarb.

    I like milk but since I have been pregnant, I have been dairy crazy - for me it was one of the best things to stave off the morning (all day) sickenss.

  12. Happy 6 Weeks!! Isn't this the best 'dream' ever? Keep dreaming, girl...

    As for yogurt, I loathed it before I got pregnant...the consistency was weird to me or something. Now, for some odd reason, it tastes soooo good to me. Cherry's my fav as well! Yum!

  13. Coming over from Mel's ungaming and comment chaining!

    I love yoghurt (especially with fruit) but I'm lactose intolerant and I am lethally gassy like the Hindenburg if I eat it.

    Good luck at the ultrasound!

  14. HUGE yay for 6 weeks!!! And you're so right, you either dig yogurt or you don't...i SO don't! Now frozen yogurt, that's a whole different story!! Can't wait to hear about your next u/s!

  15. haha, omg ROLF about your very own comment on this post! haha!

    i love yogurt, but i especially loves me some greek yogurt with honey and granola. nom nom.

    congrats on 6 weeks girl! i CAN'T WAIT to read your post after your u/s on wednesday!

  16. While I love me some yogurt... I love even more to hear your GREAT news. CONGRATS!!! I can't wait to hear more about your new journey on the path to parenthood.

    Such great news - all good wishes from me to you! XOXO -Kara

  17. I never liked yogurt either. When we were kids, my mom would make frozen lemon yogurt pops and we'd eat those, but not real unfrozen yogurt. Never. When I got old and moved out of my mom's house, I started buying some and I love it! I always get the citrus flavours--lemon, lime and orange. Those are my favourites. I want a milk store like the one you're talking about, I LOVE cheese too!

  18. Hi there! Happy happy pregnancy to you! I think we are almost in sync!
    I just bought some yoghurt today because I am always spending way too much money on yoghurt at Starbucks when I get a craving. So I figured I'd stock up a bit. I love Greek with honey, and I love the creamier the better. There is this one here called Brown Cow and they have a variety called cream on the top and it's awesome!!!
    So here's to a great pregnancy and lots of yoghurt!

  19. One of my favs is to take vanilla or plain yogurt and to just drizzle honey on top of it. So simple but sooooo good!

    And yes, the yogurts overseas are MUCH better than those in the states. :-)

  20. My yogurt story is sad, but true. I hated the stuff until I hospitalized myself for an eating disorder. My options were to eat what they served me (which often included yogurt with breakfast) or drink a supplement that tasted like chalk. After 8 weeks of forced yogurt eating I actually started to like it...and still do.

    Happy 6 weeks!

  21. I love yogurt. As I've grown up I prefer the plain and then add jam to it or just sugar. Yum.
    When traveling in Greece I found the yummiest yogurt. At the breakfast buffet tablet I thought it was a big vat of sour cream served with fruit and honey at breakfast. When I ventured to try it, it was super creamy and thick. YUM!! And I'm sure it had a gazillion calories. I look for it when I can in the Greek specialty stores. It's worth the splurge. I bet Egyptian yogurt is similar (Full fat??).
    Enjoy yourself. There isn't a more perfect food, that I'm aware of. ;)


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