Friday, February 19, 2010

Saturday NOT Sunday, OMG!

For some reason I was thinking Sunday is my beta day, its Saturday, as in tomorrow the 20th. How good is that? I am so excited as I was thinking and I know I wrote here the 20th, but for some reason was thinking the 20th is Sunday.

I was so close to buying a HPT last night. We had some friends over, after dinner we all walked to get ice cream. While at the souk, I literally stared at the pharmacy, even forming in my mind what I would tell Super S, maybe that i had to go grab something, not saying what, but I didn't- I totally punked out.

I will post results either way, but can you imagine if its positive and the numbers are good... I think, I feel this time they are.

In the meantime here are a few picks from our trip to Dahab, it was awesome and can't wait to go again.

 Sunset first day there

 Sunset with people riding horses

 Super S... kidding LOL!


A boy who wanted us to ride his camel

 Cafes on the water

Cafes from afar

 The Red Sea calm

 The one looking up looked so much like our
baby Charlie...

 Wadi Ghanea, still very primitive

 Perfect ambience

Even the camels were happy


  1. Dahab looks wonderful.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I can't wait to find out your beta results! This will be it!! Thinking of you :-)

  3. Hoping for a positive result! :) Dahab is gorgeous!

  4. All the very very very best! I am so going 'Inshallah' on your hopes, and I hope to go 'Wallah' on the beta numbers!

    Dahab is beautiful....I loved the way rice was served up....

  5. My friend, I think your number will be very good! I never failed yet as fetility goddess! Fran

  6. Yeah...can't wait to hear, hoping & praying for BFP for you:) Beautiful pictures...looks like an amazing trip!

  7. The pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    I'm thinking of you! Can't wait for tomorrow! :)

  8. Beautiful pictures!

    Fingers crossed for a great 1st beta!!!

  9. I have everything crossed for you!!!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  10. Amazing pics and I am hoping and praying you have a great beta tomorrow!

  11. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Makes me want to visit Egypt so badly. I love the picture of the seafood. Yums! Good luck tomorrow.

  12. I'm imagining and it's awesome! Good luck tomorrow!

    Your photos were beautiful. : )

  13. Very excited. Sending you nothing but positive baby vibes. :)

  14. Wow.... these are so great pictures. Love the colours in the picture of the "store". The sunset is amazing there. Makes me daydream of a trip to egypt.
    I will be thinking of you tomorrow, I'm sure this is it :)

  15. Such beautiful pictures! Ahhhhhh. Relaxing. And tomorrow! I've got all fingers & toes crossed for you : )

  16. Love, love, love the pics! I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed and share your good feeling :)

  17. wow, amazing pics. looks like you had a lovely time. you deserved it!

    good luck tomorrow. proud of you for holding out on the test. i have everything (!!!) crossed for you. this is your year! babies in 2010!


  18. The pics are so beautiful!!! I'm crossing everything for you, good luck tomorrow!!!

  19. Beautiful pictures.
    I'm hope, hope, hoping for a BFP!!!

  20. beautiful pics, so glad you had a good time.

    Sending all my luck and positive vibes your way for your beta.

  21. Good luck!!
    [funny about the date - my sister has a birthday on the 19th, and for some reason I was sure it's today (Saturday)...]

  22. Gorgeous pics! Idyllic place to be PUPO! good luck with your BETA. hope you're BFP is just around the corner:)

  23. Wow, I'm finally able to comment on your blog again from my laptop. Something weird was going on for a while and I could not.
    So beautiful there. It's making me long for the ocean and warm weather. It's snowing outside like crazy right now.


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