Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So today is 16 days past our 5 day transfer of our 3 blastocysts on February 8, 2010. According to my beloved IVF Pregnancy Calculator at, I am 4 weeks 6 days pregnant today, amazing i tell you, freaking amazing!

How am I feeling? Full. I feel like really full. Its kind of like I can feel my uterus and its feels full. Make any sense? But I am not full after eating, oh no, I feel i could throw down a whole nother meal, but I don't.

My bowl movements are different, sorry guys. Like while we were in Dahab I barely had any and it was hard trying-  that is so not usual for me, at all. Now they are better but different. Again sorry for TMI.

I sometimes have some slight pain when I get up from bending down or get up from laying down too fast, its in my left side. Doesn't happen everday but has a few times.

I feel like I am peeing alot. Alot more frequently anyway.

Are these real or pyschological? (well the bowel and pee are real, so is the pain i think) Isn't it too early too early for this stuff?

I go in today for another IViG infusion, and I will find out when Dr. K will do my first ultrasound. That is the day I am dying waiting for.

Super S is besides himself you guys. He is so so so cute. He goes around saying "mommy, mommy" I always smile and hold back the tears most times, I love this man so much can I tell you. Its so amazing to see him so excited and I pray, pray, pray that all will go well for us.

Should I continue doing betas? If so for how long? I have not asked Dr. K and I am guessing he is going to say no need to, but I have read so many people continue beta testing.

Clexane is still a bitch. My stomach looks so terrible and Super S says he cringes each time he gives me the injection. Poor guy he feels sorry for me, I told him there is no pain it just looks horrible! The older brusies are fading which is cool but I still seem to bruise pretty bad. Maybe I should have Super S make like a picture or a word or something with the injection sites, like a tatoo.

Other than that guys all is good. It still surreal, I am pregnant. I cannot get used to saying that. I walk around holding my tummy alot and talking to the baby(ies) in there, asking them to stick around awhile. We'll see. xoxo


  1. On the symptoms front...

    Quite probably, they're all real! My tummy bloated immediately I got pregnant, and I had funny cramps on and off (implantation and the uterus beginning to stretch!) I also had bowel issues - IBS - very badly in the very beginning.

    On the betas - I know you had then because you had IVF, but I think in general, they're no helpful. All they do is give you an indication of what's going on, but they affect nothing. I'd wait for your first ultrasound, ideally around the 8 week mark, to confirm a heartbeat, which, let me tell you, is the most beautiful sound you will ever hear!

    Good luck to all three of you!

  2. Your words put a smile not only on my face but in my heart. I can't tell you how happy I am for you guys :)
    I don't think more betas will do anything for you, if all feels good just wait for the u/s. And your symptoms sound real enough, I had a bunch too for the short time I was pregnant.

  3. Whoo hooo - those numbers sound fabulous!! Gosh, it is all so exciting for you! In answer to your question on my blog, they test for down syndrome (here is Aus) though a blood test at around 10 weeks and combining that results from measuring the fluid at the back of the neck at the ultrasound at 12 weeks.

    I only had one beta but did have an ultrasound at 7 weeks where we heard the heartbeat which was fabulous!

    They all sound like symptoms to me - good luck, I'm wishing you all the best!! Oh yeah I am over Clexane as well - have been having it for 4 months, still got 6 months to go - grrf!

  4. I also get discomfort/slight pain when bending down, not excactly pain but I don´t like it so I try not to. I don´t do anything that involves bending down unless I absolutely have to. I have a chair by the door when taking on shoes. My DH makes fun of me and ask if it is not to early. But hey I don´t wan´t to take any chances and it doesn´t feel good so I try not to bend down. It has been like this the whole time. Whole 12 weeks since week 4 :D

    I got only one beta, as they say here that Betas don´t say the whole story and are just a cause for concern for most people so there is only one, and maybe two if the first one is to low.

    I hope you will get the first ultrasound when you are 6 weeks, I loved that ultrasound, nothing much to see, but a heartbeat was there It was amazing.

  5. I talk to the embie in my belly too - i think lots of positive vibes and visualization really help. And i got constipated too at around 4/5 weeks so now i just really make sure I have lots of fiber (love crushed flax seeds in my morning smoothie) otherwise I think cos my uterus is growing a full bowel can get uncomfortable and start being painful. Good luck with everything pg buddy!!

  6. Hey there, me again (AZ/DXB chick). Totally normal. Frequent urination is something that happens in the first trimester (as well as last) but I can't recall the reason at this moment. The sharp pain part? Yes, that is also normal. Depending on where it is could be from different things. Ligament pain in the leg/groin area is totally normal. With both of my kids I had nagging/pulling pain on my right side (where the ovary is located) and really hurt when I lifted something or got up. Before I knew I was pregnant with my second I had diagnosed myself with advanced ovarian cancer...hehe, I was relieved I was pregnant as I had a baby to worry about--not dying.

    Yes, your abdomen can start protruding almost immediately. My uncle knew I was pregnant even within 2-3 weeks of conception as he thought my stomach was looking pregnant (but being the good man he was, he didn't dare say my stomach looked big) :-)

    A million congrats.

  7. All of your symptoms are 100% real. That's exactly as I felt in my first pregnancy with my the twinners!

    More betas are aren't really necessary at this point. You're uber pregnant and betas wouldn't tell you much more other than give a bit of reassurance if you needed it. I absolutely cannot WAIT for your u/s!

  8. it's so not too early for symptoms, I was hurling up a storm at around 14DPO and you're well past that. As for the betas, my doc thought they were a waste of time as they can't tell you anything at all about the outcome or even really tell you what's going on... saying that I POAS almost every day during T1 and that tells you even less! Do whatever feels right for your sanity :)

    How exciting, you're getting pg symptoms, so so pleased for you :D

  9. I am so excited for you! Enjoy every single moment right now :)

    Looking forward to hearing an update after you see the Dr. again.

  10. Wonderful news...all of your symptoms make it sound like things are progressing exactly as they should. I've also experienced all of those as well! My RE's office has us do 3 beta's my last one is today & then we have our first u/s next week. I'd say it's up to you, for me I liked the reassurance of knowing the beta is increasing as it should. Enjoy these precious early days Momma:)

  11. YAY! Symptoms are great!! I agree with the others, I would forego any additional betas. Now you are in the long stretch to the first ultrasound. So, so excited for you and Super S (what a cutie!).

  12. Usually, they only do betas if there are questions, so you probably don't need more. Your symptoms all sound like pregnancy symptoms to me! Good luck - and stay near the bathroom because the peeing continues all the way through. Do you have to take the Clexane all the way through? I only had it for the first 10-11 weeks.

    Congratulations! I'm impatient for the ultrasound too!

  13. Oh sweetie, I would say your symptoms are totally real! There should be no need to repeat beta, yours are so fantastic, but it it makes you feel more at peace than do it. Can't wait to hear when your first U/S will be!! Much love, Fran

  14. Psychological? I don't think so! :)

    I think I started peeing like 20 times a day from the very beginning, so if you ask me, those are some real symptoms you're having! Yay! Same for the pain/twinges, etc. They scared me to death until I found out that they were normal (and they continued for quite a while til my uterus got the hang of stretching).

    I cried when I read about Super S and how excited he is...that is priceless. I really couldn't be happier for you both.

    Hope you're feeling well after your infusion today...can't wait for that u/s!!! xoxoxo

  15. Congratulations on the great betas - mine were a big high too; they told me it was normal and then they found twins at my ultrasound... I'm sure you can't wait to find out how many of the three stuck.

    The symptoms are real! I've been peeing like crazy from the very beginning, and the pains seem to come and go - I liken them to growing pains.

    Again, congrats and thanks for stopping by. :0)


  16. I'm very happy for you! I had strange early preg symptoms too. One of them was a pain in my left side, at the time I didn't even know I was preg yet.
    Wishing you many more lovely preg symptoms.

  17. You have lots of advice already so I'm just going to give you one of these : ) and tell you that I am over the moon for you! Can't wait to see the beebees!

  18. The symptoms are definitely real! More betas aren't necessary and, frankly, anything that lowers the needle count is good.

    As for the bruises, I vote for Super S making a smiley face.


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