Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hair pulled and ready

Yesterday i went to the coiffure (hair salon) to get my hair colored. I have a regular girl who i use each time, but found out that she is no longer there. Damn, she did such a great job i thought.

They assured me "we are all good and A can do just as good as N did for you". Ok. Lets do it.

Color went fine, I mean how can you mess that up, well ok you can, and I have- but I bring my own color and I just have them apply it.

So after washing my hair out, conditioning it (supposively) I go back to my lovely spinning chair and the torture began.

First she started with a wide tooth comb, ok thats good as my hair is very long, and this is the best way to untangle it first. Next she takes a fine toothed comb and thats when the shizit hit the fan....

My head was flying back, she was pulling and breathing hard and I was like " min fadlik, bess, kefayaa!!!!" (please, thats enough, stop!)

I told her in my best Arabic (em hm) that last time and every other time N would condition my hair and had no problem at all combing it out. I asked her if she even used condtioner and she swore to God not only did she condition it but she used alot. Yeah ok, that why i don't smell it right?

I told her to look at the comb, and asked her what are you doing??? The comb was filled with waaay too much of my hair.

She stopped, I paid, left a VERY SMALL tip and was on my way. Why did I even leave a tip? I know, but trust me the amount I gave her was more of an insult than if I gave her nothing at all.

I intended to have a few more things done at that salon after my color, but off i went, never to return again, ever.

My color looks hot, but my neck and head are still sore as hell.


  1. That made me laugh. I thought I was the only one with hairdresser fobia. I've got some good stories involving a surprise GRAY color job, a stained new shirt and an almost snipped ear :-)

  2. Oh no Circus Princess.... i did forget to mention that the color solution was all over my neck, in my ears and forehead. When i got a tissue while in the salon, and started wiping myself in front of this winner stylist, she didn't even say anything!

  3. That stinks!!! I hate when I have a bad hair experience. My hair is too pretty to be left in the hands of imbeciles! :) I hope you were able to recondition on you own.

  4. I have been through many stylists, but, fortunately have found a really good one. Unfortunately, she probably hates me, because I haven't actually gotten my hair cut in a year and a half.

    Good luck finding a new one. The replacement sounds like a total nightmare! Good thing you brought your own color...I shudder to think what would have happened if she had had to mix something up for you!

  5. I have a phobia of hairdressers. They never listen to what I want, and the result is always horrible at the end.

  6. I actually really like having my hair combed by stylists and I have very tangly hair. I have a really tough scalp and think it feels good. Sorry you were tortured though! Better luck next time!

  7. Oh my gosh that's terrible! I used to just have my husband cut my ends so that I would never have to go to the salon. I didn't trust them. One time I went to a random place, she combed out all the knots, starting at the top, down to the ends of my hair and just snipped the knots right off... without brushing the knots out, she had no idea how much she was cutting and ended up cutting it way too short. I was so pissed.

  8. Wait? You still paid? AND left a small insulting tip? No ways I would have done either! I would have raised holy hell!!

  9. Ouch. Just OUCH. Now my head is shivering just THINKING about it. You poor thing.

  10. I bet you look hot...
    Good with the bad right?

  11. I had a stylist I really liked who did a great job. She moved to another salon and I found her by accident. Then she moved again and I've never seen her since. My hair misses her. :)

    Happy weekend and hello from IComLeavWe.

  12. It's so hard to find a good stylist. And it sucks even more when they leave!!

    I hope your hair catastrophe has pass and it's back to 'normal.'

  13. My mom used to do that to me...I think she forgot the conditioner on purpose. : )

    I hope you find a new stylist and yay for hot hair!

  14. Youch! The things we do to stay beautiful, huh? (-;

  15. How awful!! There is nothing more stressful than going to a new hairdresser. My current hairdresser is okay but the possibility of stumbling into someone WORSE keeps me going back.

    At least she didn't screw up your color, too!

    I hope you have a great trip.

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