Sunday, November 22, 2009

Because its been awhile

... since I talked about our babies, here are some pics I snapped a few hours ago. They are getting so big man. Fiona, their mother came later, but it was dark so i didn't snap any of her.

Hey, anyone know why she hisses at them? Its like she doesn't like them anymore? They don't have to do anything, she walks by and hisses at each baby and then sometimes attacks them, not badly, but like she is scolding them.

Poor babies, their papa Florenzo doesn't like them and now their mommy Fiona too, LOL. We love em so much though. They are so spoiled. Super S and I often say can you imagine when we have kids, all this love we have to give.

Today we were in the backyard playing with them. Charlie loves to chase Super S around. I was thinking how nice it will be when we have some real kids to chase and play around with... but for now we are cool with these little guys.

Its still amazing to us though as we have never been animal lovers, at.all. Not that we didn't like them, neither of us grew up around them nor had them as pets, so for us to be so super in love with cats now still makes us laugh. We are those crazy cat people for real.





Florico Pico Fajito

E.T. poo poo

Charlico Pico

Naranjita Fajita

*** Completely unrelated. I am still trying to find out when to start IviG/maybe steroids/blood thinners, before transfer, at transfer or after positive beta. Dr. K says he likes to do IViG and other things after beta confirmed, I am thinking more like at transfer or before any ideas?


  1. Hello again to Cairo!
    Its different with me: I lived all my life with cats and other animals!
    It can happen that the mum hisses at her own kids when she thinks they are big enough to live on their own and watch out for an own territory. Maybe she is pregnant again! You can solve this when you spay all, what is necessary anyway: Peace will come to your home when they don't have a certain feeling to fight for all that sexual or hormonic forces tell them: When your cats are neutered they will also stay more at home and be more healthy. Otherwise your kittens will soon go into reproduction anyway and soon your yard will be filled with cats that competite with each other...this can become a problem!
    Still it enriches your life so much when 4-leggers are around!!!!
    Have a good Night

  2. Cute kitties :) I have my kitty sitting on my lap as I looked at your cat pictures. We looked at them together ;)

  3. I love their names!!! Especially Florico Pico Fajito. Cute!

  4. How can you not love those cute little mugs!?

    Thanks for all your sweet encouragement during my recent nightmare! Hugs to you :-)

  5. I have MTHFR, (this is my first cycle knowing), and we were told to start the lovonox 3 days after trigger, so roughly a day and a half past ovulation... Good Luck!


  6. They are so, so cute! Those ickle kitties warm my heart every time I see them! YAY!

  7. Cute kitties! I hope they can stop the fighting.

    I think the meds start date depends on your doctor and your issue. I started heparin after a good beta, but many people start before conception.

  8. Charlie reminds me of my beloved Valentine, the cat I had when I was a child. Oh, so adorable! They all look so peaceful.

    Good luck on everything!

    Happy ICLW

  9. Cute cute cute! Love the furbabies. Lots of luck with your next treatment. ICLW

  10. I love ET's coloring. So pretty. They all look adorable. I like cats but the hubby is allergic so we have become crazy dog people.
    Enjoy all the animal love. I know my puppies have been a comfort to me on this IF journey.

  11. Your cats are gorgeous! I wish we could have some cats too but my hubby he does not like cats AT ALL :(

    PS--> As far as I know you need two IViG's - one at teh start of treatment and one when a pregnancy is confirmed...

  12. I'm stopping by from ICLW. I love all the pictures of the cats. What a wonderful family to have surround you.

  13. Very cute :) My 13 year old female cat has very similar coloring to your E.T.

    Don't know why she hisses at them. My oldest cat is clearly the "alpha" and hisses at my youngest if he walks over her, particulary if she is on a lap. They've never hurt each other before though. I chalk it up to cat-communication and let them do their thing.

  14. Awww, cute kitties! Just want to snuggle them all! I am SUCH a cat person, but we only have 2 (plus a dog). And, good luck with this cycle!

  15. such sweet kitties! oh my! we have a family of 4 living on our back deck and we aren't being very good at shooing them away so I guess we have a bunch more cats. sigh!

    about the hissing--perhaps the kitties have gotten into something mama doesn't like or maybe they smell like another cat/dog/some other animal and she doesn't approve. One of my cats will hiss randomly at her own sister just because she's moved and she didn't want her to! Cats are weird creatures. :)

    do you celebrate thanksgiving over there? if so, have a happy one!!

  16. What beautiful kitties. The momma is hissing at them because she's trying to tell them that it's time for them to be on their own.

  17. From the pictures, it looks like they all inherited narcolepsy. LOL

  18. I LOVE your kitties. They are precious; such cute names, too.

    I'm not that familiar with IVIG, but I am doing intralipids. I did an antagonist protocol this time (no lupron), and started prednisone and heparin the day I started stims. I had my first intralipid infusion shortly after that, second intralipid infusion a few days after transfer, and another infusion after positive betas. I think REs and RIs all have their own way of doing things, but at least one treatment prior to transfer seems to be fairly standard.

    Wishing you the best!!!!

  19. Hi Wishing,

    Basically I would sum up my answer as "what C said". Intralipids are more common than IVIG these days, but regardless, at least one treatment before transfer is recommended as you need to normalise the immune system before transfer. It is very hard to say as everyone's specific circumstances are different and some people are workign with RIs outside their home country.

    I know I have mentioned RI boards on Yahoo before, but you might be able to find someone there in your area who has been through it. If you check out C's blog she is in the UK, very informative. Personally I would be comfortable doing what C described above.

    Can't remember if your doc is a specific RI, but if you're going home to the US, maybe take your results to one of the well known clinics for a consultation?

    HTH! Love the kittehs, btw :)

  20. hey there - i just had my 4th cyclre and got a positive hcg beta after an FET with intralipds (instead of ivig - not a blood prodcut and costs less, and some say higher rate of success), and we did 7 days before transfer and 2-3 days after. i don't know if the protocol is different for ivig. i am with Letterie at Northwest Center for Reproductive Sciences ( good luck to you!!


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