Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sleigh bells ring are you listening...

So its almost official. I am packin' my bags and headin' home for a month or so. (exciting, cause I can catch holiday sales and eat holiday inspired goodies and drink holiday flavored coffees. btw i don't do christmas anymore, some of my family does- but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the time, always have!) Don't judge me k? Don't ask me why either- k, thanks. LOL!!!

So here's the plan ....

1. I do immune testing now, in next few days and get results in like 10-14 days
2. I go home in early December come back to Cairo early January
3. Take immune test results with me in case I want to consult with anyone back home (not likely- mucho expensive there, but in case)
4. We start appropriate immune treatment (that is if needed) when I get home, or I start while I'm there- depending on what Dr. K suggests
5. IVF number 4 starts in January 2010

This is the best possible scenario for us. I really have to travel now and am not able to put that off.

So letting my precious little eggs age a few months more, will it affect us that much? Yes I know every second counts, but... I feel on one hand, we have been at this IVF for 4+ years (ttc for 10+, shut up, i know) now and another two months or so, so what.

Then I think ok, I am not 30 anymore...... I am 37, there I said it. So that puts me in that wonderful little 35 and over category that seems to deem all things fertile damned.

Oh well we shall hit the IVF heffa hard when I get back and hope 2010 is finally our year.


  1. That HEFFA better pay off this time, dagnabit!

    Since you're coming stateside you know what that means, don't you?


  2. 37 was a good year for me....

  3. Any chance it's stateside east coast? Have a wonderful trip home. I love the music and the sparkle lights, though we don't celebrate either. have that Jew excuse.

  4. What Mel said, but are you near the center of the country?

    I hope you get exactly what you want for non-Christmas this year :-).

  5. YAY for the travel plans! I hope that you have a wonderful, fabulous, absolutely terrific trip!! And if you're journeying to the deep South, come have some holiday goodies with me. :)

    BTW: I think your plan is great (like my opinion matters ;P) and am praying that January holds success for you and that 2010 is your year!

  6. Good luck with the IVF! Have fun on your holiday :)

  7. Is home anywhere near North Carolina? If so, I wanna meet up.

  8. Have a wonderful time at home! Sending lots of good thoughts your way that 2010 is YOUR year!!

  9. Sounds like a great plan! Enjoy your time back home and if you are anywhere in the L.A. area, let me know! (-;

  10. I hope you enjoy all of your pre-holiday delights!
    I do both XMas and Hanukka, Hus would probably give up both in a second though!
    Good luck with all the testing.

  11. Darn, I was hoping to come to Egypt and possibly meet a fellow sis...

    Have fun and insha'Allah 2010 will be the year. Fingers crossed for you.

  12. Have a great time back home :-)
    And 2010 - for sure will be your year!

  13. I echo the request for you to come to the east coast! Safe travels--and cheers for a GREAT 2010!

  14. Hmmm, my SIL is currently pregnant with her IVF baby, due in January 2010. Oh yeah, she's 37...

    Always wishing you all the luck in the world. Have a great trip!


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