Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Night Dinner Party

... and we are the hosts!

Super S will have seven friends over, just the guys and not their entire families, which I am actually grateful for, for a few reasons....

One, we don't have dining room set yet, so its not so easy to seat so many. But we manage, every time.

We eat on the second floor, (or outside in the garden) where we have a fairly good sized round glass table and it is open to our living room area.

The first floor of our house, has a large open area for a dining room, and two salons (seating areas) and it is also where our kitchen is. We have not furnished it all yet. It needs so much and we are doing things little by little. IVF is more important than furniture, for now.

Two, I am just not in the mood for entertaining, well talking to ladies I don't know and the kids I am sure they would bring along. I love entertaining and having guests, its one of my favorite things to do, but these few days have been alittle tough. Not in the cheeriest of moods and thinking about the next IVF, hoping that we can get some answers before we go for it again. But I'm good, just don't feel like socializing I guess.

Anyway... I made my Gram's famous cheesecake and I must say looks yummy, even before the cherry topping I plan to put on it tomorrow. No graham crackers here so I crumble up these yummy butter cookies. I use a cheese called Kiri, its super creamy and better than Philadelphia I think (which they do have here). And the roll, that is how they sell wax paper here. Wora Zebda, translated literally to English is butter paper. You just cut it with scissors, I thought it was weird, but it works great! The white plastic container is yogurt bought fresh from a store that makes it daily. The other ingredients I did not photograph as they are pretty regular.

Super yummy rich butter cookies, Kiri cheese, wax paper without a dispenser and yogurt.

Crumbled butter cookie crust.

Bake me please!

Perfect, and no cracks. This is just my second time making too!

Making all this for Super S and his friends does make me feel good though. Its funny, every day after dinner, he always says "thank you for the food babe, it was so good." No matter what I make, he always says thank you and most always always says it was good. I think its so cute, what a great guy I have.

And what a patient guy I might add. I am not always easy to be around, I know surprising huh, LOL. I get my share of moodiness and more than less these days too. He deals with me in such a good way and alot of times I feel guilty for feeling so shitty. I am so lucky in so many ways, I just wish I could be lucky in the baby department too. I am grateful for everything I have and I try to focus on that.

Its cliche, but if it is meant for us, it will be. If not, well then I have to live with that. But i always end that statement, I feel like it is meant for us.


  1. You seem to always have a lovely event you are hosting!

    I feel like its meant to be for you too.


  2. Oh, the cheese cake looks absolutely yummylicious! Super S is a good hubbie, saying thank you is one of those little things that make you feel appreciated every day :-)

    Of course it's meant for you! Don't think for a minute it's not!

  3. What a lucky DH and friends! That cheesecake looks divine...won't you please have a bite for me? :)

    I totally, completely understand THAT feeling...and yes, it IS meant for you! I believe it!

    Hope you have a good weekend...hope you'll feel like sharing after your appointment Saturday night. Fingers crossed!

  4. That cheese cake looks so Yummy!!!! Have a lovely weekend and thanks for the sweet comment :)

  5. Baked cheese cake is my all time favourite! It looks so yummy :-) Thanks for stopping by and checking up on me. Sorry I have been very slack returning the comments. I hope you get some good answers when you meet with the RE-i'm really interested to see what he says. I have similar questions I want to ask my Doc. Have a great weekend! Thinking of you ((hugs))

  6. Wow that looks so YUMMY!

  7. Great job! No cracks that's hard to do. Mine always crack, I read it's a sign of over beating the ingredients. I love to entertain but I'm always self conscious of what we don't have, instead of concentrating on what we do have.

    I read the next post and just wanted to say good luck with the tweaks and tests. It's nice you're so comfortable with your doctor.

  8. It is the peoiple not the furnitshings that count. I'm sure you are a super hostess and the cheescake looks to die for.

  9. W41 mentioned Gram's cheescake receipe. I am Gram's son. (a.k.a. w41's father)Believe me when I say this, my daughter can cook. Gram was a professional cook and THAT CHEESECAKE, like someone said here, is to die for. Here in AZ we have the Cheescake factory.
    Tried it, was good, ok but not Grams!


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