Saturday, August 1, 2009

Never give up

Reading my email tonight and among all the store weekend sales and mailing lists i am on, one email made me smile. The newsletter from It contained THE best quote ever....

"Anyone can give up its the easiest thing in the world to do.
But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart,
that's true strength."

Doesn't that just describe so many of our journeys? Sure some of us held hold it together better than others, and some of us have do really fall apart, but true strength indeed is not giving up. Even when it feels like nothing else is possible and giving up is the only option, it isn't. I know sounds easy, but I think its true...

I am not giving up, ever.

And don't you either ok? Whatever it is you are longing for a baby, a new job, world peace, good health, healing, whatever it is, don't give up hope. Let us promise each other that tonight.


  1. Never give up :-)

    You know, my first association with talking about not giving up and about strength was my TTC efforts. And I am not sure I feel strong for not giving up, it just seems to me like I have no other choice but to continue.
    But then it got me thinking of all the other things in my life that maybe somehow I am on the verge of giving up on, and maybe your post should be a wake up call for me not to.. So thanks :-).

  2. would have been so easy to throw up my hands in defeat but I stayed the course and got the ultimate prize. I hope and pray all of us get there.

  3. Okay, now I am teary eyed. I'm trying not to give up on finding my biological family but it's just so hard to face the ongoing dissapointments.
    I know what you mean about seeing children everywhere. I seem to hear the word adoption everyday.
    I don't think you should give up.

  4. i promise to do my best. and i promise to try and use your bravery.

  5. I promise! I won't give up either! We're in this together!

  6. If I gave up....failure would become my final status...and that is one thing I can't handle!

    Good Luck to us!

  7. Never EVER give up. I love it.

    I am planning to get a tattoo someday of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Because that's what we all do. We pick ourselves up and go on.

    Love you, Wishy.

  8. Come to a certain point, it is so very, very hard not to give up. But while I still have a chance, as small as it may be, I have to hang in there, just in case...

  9. I love it! I promise you I will never give up, too!

  10. I might get pissed of and through a tantrum but I won't give up. Even though we've decided to cash in our chips, I still hope to hit another mother lode.
    Best wishes!

  11. Man. You are awesome. You really are. To have such strength and to always look on the bright side. You are inspiring. Always have hope. Good call. That's one of the reasons I got the word "hope" tattooed on my wrist--so I can remember that I always have hope, even when I think I've lost it.

    Always keeping you in my thoughts...

  12. Oh and I'm sure you've heard this quote:

    "when the world says to give up, hope whispers 'try one more time'". Love it.

  13. I love the idea of the Phoenix being a symbol for all of us in the IF journey--like Aunt Becky mentioned--its a beautiful representation of being burned, but rising up even stronger than before.
    Love that hope is so strong in this post!

  14. I was thinking of giving up and drinking myself into a stupor, but No More!
    Well, perhaps one drink. But I will not give up. You don't either lady!

  15. That's the very definition of faith. Love you.

  16. This post hit me where I hurt. Thanks for the reminder. I will try not to give up. *hugs*


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