Sunday, August 16, 2009

Drinking in the Land of Mommy Blogdom

Okay so from the title you must know it is not about me. One- i don't drink, two- I am not a Mommy... yet.

But Stefanie over at Baby on Bored is a Mommy who USED to drink.

Anyway a great article in the New York Times about her.... a great read!

She also has an excerpt from her new book, "Its Not Me, Its You" on her blog now, a super funny read. This book is a must bring to me in Cairo when my Mom comes in the Spring. Unless of course FEDEX magically delivers me a copy...

* EDIT- Aunt Becky from Mommy Wants Vodka was mentioned in the article, although I think the mention was misleading. If you know the Beckster you will agree. Well maybe.


  1. I thought it was a cool article too.

  2. The article talking about boredom driving women to drink reminds me of the Simpsons episode when Homer gets a new job, the family gets relocated to a new town, and their corporation-provided fancy house is totally automated -- self-cleaning oven, self-vacuuming, etc. Marge no longer has anything to do and decides to take up drinking.

  3. And I was thinking, upon reading the title, that it will be about Egyptian Mummies, as in ancient Pharos.. LOL

  4. I agree...Aunt Becky's mention in the NYTimes was totally misleading. Just a case of judging a blog by it's title :-)

  5. I read the article too. Oh and I am "Beth" in Stef's latest book, so think of me when you read it. I'm sure you will be shocked at some of my past behavior.

  6. Totally misleading. This is the third of fifty-seventh article I've been referenced in for exactly the same thing.

    I try to remind myself that at least it increases traffic. I really should have called my blog "Mommy Wants Cocaine" just to distance myself from that crazy lady who killed her kids.


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