Friday, August 7, 2009

The babies are getting bigger!

What's an infertility blog without pets, LOL right?

Look how big the babies are getting! They are climbing like crazy, eating dry food, and as active as ever.

I took these last week.

Fiona and Naranja eating Egyptian fateer with milk for breakfast. LOL i thought i'd see if they like, it they LOVED it!
Fiona and Naranja finishing off the fateer.
Climbing session, Amelia won!
They were lovin' it!
Naranja, our favorite little guy!
Going crazy on the couch.
Charlie posing for the camera.
All four were sleeping in a row. E.T. wanted to smile for the picture.
Naranja, is there anything cuter?
Florenzo... Our original big boy. He is not interested AT ALL in the kittens. He looks at them and leaves right away. We try to give him lots of love so he doesn't feel left out.


  1. They are getting SO BIG! I just love to see a litter of cute kitties playing!

    You should submit those wall climbing pictures for LOL cats captions, especially the pyramid photo where it looks like the two on the bottom are giving the top kitten a boost!

    "We iz cat burglerz."


  2. They are just too cute. The climbing pics are my favorites. They just look like they are having too much fun. (-;

    I've missed you...Would love an update about how you are doing when you feel up to it. Hugs.

  3. So cute - I love that they are all different! I second Kym's LOlcats suggestion!

  4. They are adorable and I love the climbing pictures, especially the pyramid one. I think Kym's LOLcat idea is purrfect.

  5. So cute and SO big! LOL @ Kym and "We iz cat burglerz." That's great!

  6. They are all so cute!
    The climbing contest - funny!

  7. I am partial to any creature named Amelia.

  8. Ugh...Florenzo....big boy not interested...leaves when they are around.
    HE DEFINITELY is the father!

  9. Thats a lot of cat babies!! Hilarious photos - scary how they grow so fast!!

  10. There's an award waiting for you here:


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