Monday, June 15, 2009

Thanks Blogger

Thank you blogger.

I did what you said, I removed completely the wonderful FOLLOWERS widget you created and I seem not to get Operation Aborted error message anymore.

Thanks for creating that cool widget that we cannot use.

In other news... Its 5 days since my transfer. This 2ww is the hardest one yet. I try not to think about it and keep busy but am so anxious for the 23rd to get here. Our anniversary, 13 years, is in that same week, so i am hoping for a great gift to give Super S. Thank you all for all your well wishes always, you guys are awesome!


  1. Noooooo, I'm still getting it, but, I get a different one than you. Mine says that Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http: etc....

    Operation aborted.

    At least I figured out that if I change the address and hit refresh a couple of times I can finally get here!

  2. Glad you're not getting that message anymore. Too bad you had to delete a widget, though. That doesn't make much sense.
    5 days down! We'll try to keep your mind occupied on Twitter ;o) Crossing all sorts of things for ya!

  3. Blogger's taken a swing to the CrankyLand...

    All the very best!

    Hey, I love that cool picture - that Arabian 'dancer' asking people to follow you on twitter!

  4. I'm still following even if Blogger makes it hard!

    Crossing my fingers and waiting for the 23rd.

  5. Praying that you get your BFP soon!

  6. Praying for a BFP for you too. Like u said...may this be the year for us to be pregnant and may early next year be the year, we get to hold our baby/babies in hand. Insya Allah... God's willing, our dream will come true...

  7. Sitting here quietly, even when I cannot comment (that abort thing), hoping and praying right along with you.

  8. Fingers crossed for you!


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