Monday, June 8, 2009

I miss his smile

I will call the center tomorrow after 1pm to see how our babies are coming along.

Transfer will be tomorrow, day 3 or after depending on how the little ones are dividing and coming along. I am hoping for day 5 or 6 blastocyst, we'll see.

Its kind of strange this time. Super S is still really shocked by the death of his youngest brother, each day is better, but this will take so long to heal. The circumstances (private) are what make this so hard to deal with. I am hoping this FET will help to ease his mind a bit, he is always optimistic, each time that it will work for us.

We went to the club tonight, did two rounds of walking (800 meter track) and i made a joke to Super S and he smiled and laughed! He hasn't smiled much lately. How i miss his sweet smile...

So i approach this transfer with so much hope and optimism, maybe this time it will bring us the baby(ies) we have waited for for so very long. Maybe it will bring some happiness to Super S, help to ease some of his pain... I want nothing more than that right now, really.

You know after 3 IVF cycles, including 3 fresh transfers, 3 frozen transfers and now another frozen transfer making a total of 7 FET's, i am so ready for it to be successful you know?


  1. Wishy, I do too. I am so sorry Super S is grieving. It is the kind of pain that won't get easier for a long, long time, and that pain (separate from your own for loosing your brother in law) is so very hard on you b/c you don't want to see him hurting. I know just what you mean. I hope, hope, hope you'll both be able to share the joy of parenthood so very soon.

  2. Good luck tomorrow or whenever transfer turns out to be.

    I hope that you both have lots to smile about.

  3. i'm so sorry for your loss and that grief is the path right now.
    wishing you good luck with the transfers...

  4. If I lost my baby brother, it would take an extremely long time to matter the circumstances. I'm so sorry for the loss and I'm praying for you guys.

    Also praying for this has to be the one! :)


  5. Good luck! I hope it works this time!


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