Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank you

Thank you all for your well wishes during this incredibly hard time.

Death is something none of us will escape, it is the final destination for everyone. I am going to try to spend my time better and try to prepare for my final destination. I like to think I am trying my best but I can try harder and will.

You know none of us know when we will die. Could be today, could be tomorrow, could be many years from now. It is so sudden and can come at any minute. But one thing is known, it will come to all of us.

It takes a tragedy like this sometimes to rethink your life, for me anyway. The thought of death is always with me. Not like I think about it all the time, I don't, but the thought is there. I have always said this supplication before sleeping "Oh Lord by Your Will I lay my head to sleep, and by Your Will I raise it up. So if you should take away my soul during sleep forgive it, and if you should return it back to me protect it, even as you protect your pious servants." Because our waking up from sleep is not guaranteed is it?

My husband is doing better. This is so so so so hard for him. He and his brother were so close and he was the youngest of them of all so it is extremely hard for all of the family. He was not sick and it was so sudden and unexpected, just a real tragedy. We buried his brother on Tuesday.

I was surprised the day before yesterday when my husband said to me "are you going to start the pills?" I said yes I am. This is day 3 of my cycle and started pills on day 2. I will see my doctor on day 11 or so to see how my lining is coming along. I am hoping this time will bring some happiness at such a difficult time. We said if we have a boy we will name him after his brother.


  1. Take care my dear...

    I understand it is not easy especially during this difficult times but may you be protected and be kept in His blessings throughout.

    May your husband find peace and tranquility in this difficult time.

  2. ttc in alex5/24/09, 1:23 PM

    delurking to say - "verily, we belong to Allah, and verily, to him we shall return"...

    you, your husband, and his brother are in my prayers inshallah...

  3. My thoughts are with you and your husband.

  4. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Life is so much more fragile than any of us can know.

  5. I always hope for the best for your cycles, but this time I send you extra extra good wishes.

    Naming your son after his uncle would be a beautiful tribute.

    Take care.

  6. Well written, we never know when our time's up. I think it's important to do our best to live everyday without regret. I'm glad you guys are continuing with your baby plans.

  7. Dear Wishing4One, I am really sure that everybody must be so shaken up by this sudden demise. Amen to your naming plans!

    Death is unexpected. And even more so, when healthy people, who have been around you for quite a while, suddenly depart.

    Your family will be in my prayers.


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