Thursday, March 19, 2009

Goin' home

I am going back home at the end of this month!!! Just a vacation actually ( as Egypt is actually my home now isn't it ) but you know what I mean. And how excited am i? Very very!

I'll be on both sides of the country too, first to see my mom and then off to other side to see my dad.

So its been like 3 years since I went home, too long. I am really looking forward to it.

Off course seeing my parents will be the highlight but you know what I am sooo looking forward to... PIZZA. No good pizza here. We have Pi.zz.a H.ut and J.oh.ns, but no little neighborhood italian pizza joints, the kind that dish out the REAL pizza.

(I think i need to do a crash diet now so i can eat my as$ off when i get there).

Okay so foods I plan to eat when i get there, that I have soo missed here. Let me say we have some of these here, okay most, but not the same....

1. Pizza
2. Chicken wings
3. Taco bell ( i know, but i have missed a taco or two sorry. I plan to go just once)
4. Coffee with plain half & half (have not yet found liquid here, just powder.)
5. fish fry
6. Turkey sandwich from Quiznos (they actually have one here, haven't got there yet)
7. Grilled beef hot with chili sauce from a famous east coast place
8. Greek beef souvlaki from a famous east coast restaraunt
9. THE best iranian food ever on the west coast
10. Mexican food, um you know which coast
11. Lots of other stuff I am sure I'll remember when I get there.


On a reproductive note, I am going to have a pa.p sme.a.r today and lets just say I am a bit worried. Why? Well lets just say I saw something on my c.e.rvi.x that scared me. Could be nothing, could be something, we'll see. I should have results back in 4 days, fast huh? Not everything is   s---l---o---w    here.

Then when I get back from my vacation, asumming all is ok with me, we plan to try our embryo transfer, we have four frozen little embabies waiting for us. Hoping that this time could finally be the one for us.


On Monday we ventured into downtown Cairo to find a mailbox. Not a mailbox on a post, rather a wallmount one. We found it finally and it was just what we were looking for too. Plain, nothing fancy, but cool.

But to finally find this damn mailbox, we had to search and search and came across some very crowded little streets. Man what a freaking journey that was. Not really so far, but how chaotic was it?

Take a look...a little street we passed through and vendors were selling all kinds of shoes and handbags (cheap, and not good quality of course, but it was amazing to see so many buying and bargaining)

This is how some people buy their baladi bread (pita bread made with wheat/white flour).  This is a main staple in most Egyptian diets. I think these street vendors buy from bakeries and sell to the people. People buy government subsidized bread, 20 breads for 1LE (approx. $0.18) The backs of these breads are dusted with radda (bran). So when you eat them they are messy.

An example, when we buy this bread where we live we pay 1LE for 4 breads. We buy from a private bakery, there are no government bakeries where we live. I've had both types, and I have to say the more expensive is indeed better, softer and tastier. But some people make so little money here, 20 breads for just 1LE can feed their entire family and then some.


  1. That market place is crazy. I would probably hyperventiliate having so many people so close to me. I have spatial issues :)

    Sounds like a lovely trip planned. Now I want pizza. A lot.

    I really need to go back through your blog and introduce myself to how you ended up in Eygpt. And where I am going to stay when I come visit. I know it's the house with the new number.... :)

  2. I would be hyperventilating too. I like my space. Must be from growing up out west in wide open spaces.

    Hoping for the 'something' to be nothing.

    I love east coast pizza and fresh bagels...mmmm....maybe I need to go visit someone.

  3. Reading that first part made me hungry.
    And then your cervix made me worried. I'm glad they are so quick with pap results at least! I hope it's nothing.
    And then reading about bread made me hungry again. It's lunchtime. My brain is slowing down to nothing but one thought - "foooooood"

  4. Good luck with your pap smear! I hope the results come back normal!

    That market place looks like India! :-) Reminds me of home - the street vendors, the crowds etc!

    And I have to ask - where is the best Iranian restaurant on the west coast? If it's anywhere close to where I live, I need to go!

  5. Isn't it funny how "home" is so associated with food? I'm doing the same in another month or so and my whole things to do list is made up of places I need to eat!

  6. Oh how I love the Mexican food here on the west coast. I have lived in the SE and Midwest and they can't even compare. (-; Enjoy your time home!!

    I hope everything turns out well with your pap results. I hate that you're having any kind of scare.

    Your market pictures made me anxious. I so need my space!! Thanks for showing us a small glimpse. (-;

  7. How exciting! I can totally understand having a list of foods to eat. Food is the most important part of a trip back home!

    You're in my thoughts :)

  8. Wish we could see you while you are here!

    I hope all is OK with your test. You really need a break.

  9. Great photos! Looks like a lively market...that could either energize you or drain you! I too am hoping the papsmear turns out fine..hopefully the doc will take a look as well as a smear.

    Now, as for that fish fry...if you ever made it to Alabama we'd do one up right for you! G is a fish squeezer (as you know) and can get loads of bass, crappie and catfish. Right along with hush puppies.

    Safe travels wherever your vacation takes you!

    And get lots of rest..treat yourself right before that next transfer!

  10. I was out of town for over a week, so I'm just catching up.

    I'm so happy you're getting to go home for a while! I hope you have a great trip! I'm also praying for you in regards to your test results and upcoming FET.


  11. I love those pictures, so different from where I will be shopping tomorrow!
    Your list is making me hungry, maybe I should move to Egypt to lose weight. Unfortunatelly I am sure I would find many new wonderful foods to overeat there.
    Good luck on the baby making front, I hope the pap is neg.


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