Sunday, December 7, 2008

Opps, took an injection for the heck of it!

Well they retrieved 12 eggs....yeah! We'll see Thursday what's what when I go in for replacement.

Can I just tell you I am so sore!!!

I don't remember having this much pain or soreness last time after retrieval. Maybe I did and I forgot? We'll see tomorrow if its any better, I am hoping it will be. Did any of you have a soreness in your abdomen after retrieval? If its not better I will call my doctor, but I am guessing its normal maybe.

So...what about the title of this post? Curious?

Just before leaving the center, as always, they give you an instruction sheet. It lists what medicines to take and the date you should report back for embryo replacement. Its in Arabic. Ok no biggie, DH reads it.

So I saw the name of antibiotic in English, ok got that one. Saw the other two medicines I should take, in English, one being progesterone injections and the other a tablet taken twice daily. Ok got those too.

So i go to pharamacy, buy anibiotic and other tablets, then Super Nice Doctor Gal gives me the progesterone injection.

Then i come home, look in my little "IVF book" where i keep daily records of what i take and their dates and the cost. I got my book because after i take injection I log it. (i know....)

So i look back to last cycle and saw that i started progesterone injections closer to replacement day and not day of retrieval.

So i ask my husband to read the Arabic to me, oops. I am to start the tablets and injections in a few days not today!

So i hit the progesterone too early, LOL!!! Oh well, it wasn't that bad and hey a little extra can't hurt right? No I'm kidding its only one dose and should be fine I am sure.

So kids, until Thursday we pray and wish and hope for our embabies to be healthy and strong and stick away the way they should.

*** Oh, DH took a video of me on his phone when they brought me back into my room, HILLARIOUS! I look like I was dead and being revived and trying to talk....if this blog wasn't annonymous I would so post....but it is, so sorry and trust me you wouldn't want to see me, but to hear me, now thats some funny shizit!

Love you all.... xoxoxoxoxo


  1. 12 eggs is wonderful!!! Can't wait to hear your fertilization report!! Now, just take things easy!

  2. 12 is an excellent number! And there is no such thing as too much progesterone, except where your bowels are concerned. Well, of course there is TOO MUCH progesterone at some point, but I think that having it early is no big deal.


  3. 12! Hooray!

    My RE said that post-retrieval "discomfort" could range from nothing to bad cramps. If it's worse than that they said to call. I did find that a heating pad helped, but my soreness with IVF #1 wasn't as bad as I anticipated.

    Rest up!

  4. Hi! I just posted a comment on 'Saturday' by accident. I didn't see your most recent posts :-) I'm glad to see your retrieval went well and hope you get lots of embies!

  5. Hi there...

    Hope today has been a wonderful day for you. 12 is a wonderful number. Hopefully all will be fertilised. With God's Grace that is.

    You are super cute lah... Extra shot too early... Hmmm... I can just imagine how funny that video of yours will be...

    Rest well ok. A heating pad might help to reduce that discomfort.

  6. 12 eggs is great!!!! You are going to have a great turnout.

    Hope the pain goes away soon. I can't remember how are I was either.

  7. Cpngrats on your great retrieval! I am so ready for us to wear our capes together!!!!

  8. Here is my ignorant mind showing it's scary thought process..but progesterone would be created just after ovulation anyhow, so I'm thinking the progesterone shot was good! I'm so glad for your 12 eggies. I'm imagining them now, and I'm envisioning them fertilizing and dividing. I can see it!!!

  9. Wishing you all the very, very best. Will be following you with much hope...


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