Saturday, November 1, 2008


My last day was Thursday, no mo teachin' fo me!

It was waaay too much for me, really it was. I have never had such a challenging job in all of my 30-something years!

I think my 'giving up', (although I hate to put i that way, cause I don't want to accept it as a failure solely on my part), is 50% my lack of experience (maybe) and 50% lack of support from them. ( lack of support, organization, communication could take up a whole page here, I spare you the details.)

Granted I have not taught before, ok.

But I really did have so many great lesson plans, activities, ideas... the thing is most days I could never get to all of them as the kids were OUT OF CONTROL! Is that my fault, yes, maybe, partially it is my inability to get them under control or at least to sit down for five damn minutes!

Every time I went to work I got a bad feeling in my stomach, I was kinda grouchy, whipped when I got home, that was not good. I'd rather not work and get back to my happy, corny ass self really.

So now I can! And will.

So back to travelling around Egypt, hopefully, and relaxing once again.

I look at it as a learning experience and what I have learned is that I will never work in a school again. Not here, and maybe not anywhere else.

My hat is off to you teachers, what a job you have. I wish the new president could increase your salaries to those of CEO's you SO DESERVE and earn it.


  1. Thanks, I wish that also

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for dropping by my site. It has been some time since I "followed" you. I love reading your entries. Some of what you wrote are what I felt at times just that I don't there voice it.

    I understand you are a teacher. I am a teacher too. A secondary school teacher that is, teaching 13-17 year old girls. They sure are a challenge.

    I used to love travelling with hubby without kids in tow but now that I am getting older, I just feels that I am ready to plant my feet firmly on the ground and start a family.

    So when is your next IVF cycle?

  3. Sorry to hear about your job struggles. I must also say Congrats for not making yourself miserable and staying in something that was not a healthy place for you.

    Keep us posted on what your next move is and chat soon :-)

  4. Sometimes the smartest thing to do is admit it when you can't do something. It's what made me stop trying my career in nursing, and I've never regretted it.

  5. Hey there! Have missed you! Oh I have to say being a teacher is a real toughie and I have great respect for teachers!

    But I am so glad to have you back..Have missed ya greatly!

    Welcome back!


  6. I wouldn't feel bad about quitting at all! Little kids are really hard to handle and super freaking exhausting. Feeling sick about going to work is no way to live.
    And at the cost of losing your corniness? Ridiculous.

  7. Yeah....we have you back!!! I hope those darn kids didn't suck all the life out of ya. Just kidding.

    You would have never know if you din't give it a try. I bet those kids are really going to miss you. (once they realize your gone. Haha)

  8. Hey girl! Well, you gave it a shot! And it wasn't for you. So it's not the end of the world. You can now say, "Been there; done that," and add that you don't want to do it again. HA!

    I hope you'll have more time for blogging now. LOL! We've sure missed you.

  9. You tried, you gave it your all, and you decided it was not for you. That is so much more than most people can even begin to hope to achieve.

    I hope this means we will see you around more. (:


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