Thursday, November 27, 2008

Does anyone know what this is called?

Can anyone tell me what this is called?

Its a stone my dad has, I don't have it here with me, its a scan from him, but we are trying to figure out its name.

It looks flat and shiny, no crystals so its not agate I don't think. (I so do not know about natural stones...)

Anyway, I thought, wait, what better a place to ask than here to you smart people...

If you know anything, let me know....thanks! xoxoxoxo

* Oh yeah, day 7 of injections, sucks! Seeing doctor tomorrow, will report back on my ovaries then. Have any of you ever suffered extreme back pain when stimming? I was even beginning to think Super Nice Doctor Gal hit a nerve in my beehind...oh no she said impossible! Its better now, but was excrutiating two days ago....


  1. I'm pretty sure that is agate. Agate crystals are microcrystalline, so you wouldn't be able to feel them -- are you thinking of big bumpy crystals like a geode has? Agate is quite smooth and shiny. Hard to tell for sure from a photo, though... plus it has been many years since I took geology.

    It's unusual but possible to hit a nerve with IM injections in the tushie (but I'm not telling my husband that since he's already freaked out enough about having to give me injections). Hope the injections get easier!

  2. I bought a necklace that looks just like this but can't remember the name!

    Sorry the injections are painful...praying for a positive result. :)


  3. No clue on the stone, but hoping all goes well with your doc appointment!!

  4. Oh...I have seen that one. It is kept in my doctor's chambers. I will ask her the name. Maybe, this is what it exactly is!


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