Saturday, October 4, 2008

Missing in action...real action!

hey hey all. still here just been too busy to log in. I know , i should never be too busy to post a shorty, but I have and will not let it slip so far again. (loser i know...)

my kids start Tuesday and I have been so busy preparing stuff for them as the school has yet to write the curriculum for me. how hard is getting stuff ready for 3.5 - 4.5 year olds, not hard really. G.o.d bless this internet I swear and the teachers who share so much information, it is beyond awesome!

anyway just wanted to say hey and I am planning a Show N Tell about starting school and some funny things related to it.

i miss you all and will catch up with you soon. xoxoxoxox


  1. You must be so ready for the kids to start already! Good luck Tuesday!!

  2. How exciting! Would love to see those pictures!

    Have a great time on Tuesday.

    Turn those brats into angels.

    ps It's a habit. My dad calls all kids brats. hehe.

  3. I always love your Show and Tells! I miss you, Wishy!

  4. Hi there - You were on my mind earlier today. I need to add you to my google reader.

    Your students will do great, they have an awesome teacher. Isn't it amazing what sources are available on the internet for teachers. I heart the internet also.


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