Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hey ladies, what's shakin?

I got a nasty tr.oj.an, can't seem to get rid of it! I keep sweeping my laptop, but it seems to want to hang out and not leave. I think I got this little guy from using my flashdrive at work, on their computers and NOT scanning it before I put it in my laptop at home. Smart I know.

Anyway so have been having a heck of a time these past few days, trying to get rid of it. Another brilliant thting I've done was disable my firewall, i know super smart too.

Before my computer kept shutting down, its not shutting down now, maybe just maybe its almost ready to leave.

So please know I miss you all and plan to start posting again soon. Hope all is well and talk soon. xoxoxoxoxo


  1. Ugghh. I feel you on the computer issues. I'm having them at work and at home. I wish I had the IT guys from work at my house to figure it all out. (:

    Hope you are doing well. Your comment on my blog made me cry. I did the same on my DH's b-day last month and he just got it too. Hugs to you.

  2. Good luck...turning on and off my computer is the extent of my skills.

    Miss U 2!!

  3. Yuck. computer viruses are no fun. Sorry for the headache..and sorry I have no advice for you. My posts have slowed down too. Hope you are still enjoying things at school. I still think you are remarkable to be happy for others. You are a much bigger person than me. Take care!

  4. Ack - dude that sucks. And my first thought on seeing the title was - Condoms? What the hell do any of us need condoms for?

  5. Okay, my first thought was condoms as well. LOL

    Hope you get rid of that virus soon! We can't live without your posts and awesome pics for too long!!


  6. I do that all the time when the computer acts up! Alt+ctrl+delete = restart! lol

    Hope you are doing good, sweetie!



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