Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random Thursday morning thoughts

Good morning gorgeous infertiles and others... Just doing my daily morning computer session and thought to post a few ramdom things.

It's the weekend for me, yeah! Friday and Saturday being my days off. My birthday is this weekend too, I'll be 18!!! So will try to plan some exotic Egyptian celebration.

Seriously, I will be more than 18, i think you guessed that right? Yet another year, no children, times a tickin'...hopefully this year or next will be THE one. (I say that EVERY year). I will try to have some fun though. The man always does something nice and I always enjoy this day each year with him. What a guy I tell you!

So here's my randomness for this morning......

- First off, babymakin' 101, go give her some love.  Many of us know how hard this sh*t is...I so luv her and know she will be okay real soon. She is such a sweet sista!

- Did you hear Ricky Martin gave birth to twins, ? Those baby boys will be Livin' La Vida Loca for sure!

- Did you know that 21 US States still allow corporal punishment in their schools? I was floored!

- So its not just here in Egypt that food prices are sky high. They say food prices in US have risen and will continue to rise. They say this is the highest rate of increase since 1990! That blows...our friends who are here from NY say that food in NY in the most expensive they have seen in 20 years....

- School is good. Had some training this week. Very informative, classroom management, learning centers, teaching reading, etc. I have really learned some things. But you know I so miss the excess of  the USA right about now. I won't elaborate too much, but things are definitely different here. Not all bad, just takes some getting used to, will post about it later...

- Party for IVF babies in England. Cool I say. I wish i could attend... i know you do too. Someday ladies, someday.

- I want an IVF baby with my fifth husband AFTER I've posed for Playboy, have you ever said that? LOL

Happy Thursday to you all, miss you, love you and talk soon. xoxoxoxoxox


  1. I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!

    Just so you're attitude towards this whole IF thing has really inspired me. I love reading your blog and I feel like I'm FINALLY to the point of putting it all in God's hands and being thankful no matter what happens. You're a great example of thank you!

    Party like you're 18!! :)


  2. No way!! I will be 18 on my next b-day too!! (: I hope you have a great one.

    Leave it to Brigitte to look to IVF for a 5th child with a 5th husband after rehab and playboy.

    I can't wait to hear more about your teaching and the differences from the US. Interesting stuff. (:

  3. I totally want an IVF baby with my fifth husband after I have had plastic surgery and posed for Playboy. And finished rehab.

    My mom is only 39 - she celebrates it every year. And has for 23 years.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Your random thoughts made me laugh! I needed that...thank you so much! :)


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