Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Off to see the....

... no, not the wizard, but the wonderful Pyramids of Giza.

I have been many times, just as recent as last month if you remember and we are going again tomorrow, well later today as it is after 1AM Wednesday mornign here now.

You may remember our friends are here from NY and their daughters have not yet been to the pyramids, so we will take them. We plan to go maybe have a boat ride on the Nile after.

What a lovely day, huh? LOL!!! It's still surreal to me that I type this as a daily outing, I swear.

So more pics coming of the pyramids and Nile River. I think we may try to take camels too into the desert, those pics are AMAZING.

My header above is from atop a camel in the desert in front of the pyramids. Our feet are from Dahab, what photo editing can do I tell you. (i didn't make it myself, a friend did...)

The two pictures below were taken in 2006 when my mom came to visit.

Will your Wednesday will be as exciting as mine? I hope it will.... xoxoxoxoxo


  1. You are just too cool! Can't wait for more than just an appetizer of pictures!

  2. My DH is so jealous! He wants to go to Egypt so badly! I've always told him I'm scared to go because I don't know about the culture, etc. and I'm scared we would get jumped. Apparently, it seems I'm totally wrong about the place from reading your stories. Maybe we can come and you can show us around? ;)

  3. Yup, your Wednesday definitely wins. Way too cool!!

  4. Awesome pictures. The ones from the below post are fantastic too. I wonder if it ever stops being surreal.

  5. Have I ever told you how freakin' jealous I am?

    I would love to visit Egypt!!! You lucky girl!!!

  6. OH, yes. My Wednesday is slam packed with exciting things:

    - took the dog for a walk
    - dishes are next
    - then laundry

    Try not to be too jealous of me. I live such a wild life. It is a hard standard for people to live up to, I know.

  7. Just in case it wasn't clear, I'm jealous as hell - and my life is boring.

  8. I so wish I was your visiting friend. I wanna go!!!! Enjoy and can't wait to see pics when you get back.

  9. Wow. Sounds like a pretty awesome day.

    We're going to Farmer's Market, school clothes shopping and hopefully to get a haircut. I'd much rather be on a boat on the Nile. Or on a camel seeing the Pyramids. Gah.

  10. Unfortunately, my Wednesday won't be as exciting as yours. LOL

    I want to visit so bad since reading your blog! I'm going to have to talk Alex into it.

    Have a wonderful time, girl!!


  11. Well la ti day has pyramids...of paper!!!!

    Sounds like you're going to have a great day. I just hope my headache goes away.

  12. Those are amazing pictures!!!

    I have to visit Egypt!!!!


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