Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are you on alltop yet?

Hey ladies, some of you are even more famous now!!!

I sent an email to and they created a category just for us, check it out!

If you are not there and want to be, send an email to the coolest chick ever, Neenz at .

Be sure to tell her Wishing4One sent you. She rocks by the way and so does, especially since we have our own category now.

You can put an alltop banner on your site by getting code here.

So how cool is that? Pretty damn cool I say!


  1. Very cool! Thanks for doing that for us!

    So, how is your school stuff going? Been thinking 'boutcha.

  2. Hey, that's awesome!!

  3. That is too cool!!

    I hope your new job is going great as you get ready for your students. Keep us posted when you find the time. (:

  4. I'm so glad you did this!! I have been thinking that we needed an IF category on alltop - glad you took the step to make the change!


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