Thursday, July 31, 2008

It should be OLD by now...

but its not now is it?

AF arrving each month, i mean come on haven't we lived with this beyoutch since puberty, she is not unexpected is she, oh nooooo, of course she isn't.

But why is it still such a freakin bummer when she appears, so suddenly- as if unexpected? Don't know.

News flash ladies- I am at a place now, not sure how I got here, but I am ok with her evil arrival each month. Still hard, sucks the big one, but after 10 years of TTC, as hard as it is still is, I think I am ok. Don't I have to be?

So here's a Thursday toast to our good old Aunty, may she discontinue her travels to us all who seek her evil, selfish demise. (or should I say our selfishness, no of course I shouldn't.)


  1. She is one ugly chic. I hear ya on the unexpected. Hopefully I only have one more visit.

    Hope she not around long.

  2. BOO!!!! Go home AF you are not welcome! Sorry hun.

  3. I started reading your blog after several people commented about your cool adventures in Egypt and your TTC adventures. I haven't posted yet, but have followed along the past couple days. I lived in North Africa for 12 years... so it's really fun to hear about someone elses adventures.

    This post is hilarious!! I am ALWAYS surprised at AF. Before I was on BC, I used to forget, get shocked, I was never prepared. At least on BC I had some idea. Now with temp charts I have some idea too... but honestly, AF is one crazy lady!!

    Hope she's not around long...

  4. Love the picture! Hate the Auntie.

  5. In a way, although I hate her guts, I sort of feel that having a period DOES allow me to move onto a new month. So although it is a burden it is also in a way a blessing because I know my woman parts are functioning normally in allowing me to try again.


  6. Damn you Aunt Flo! Kick rocks you bloody biyotch!

  7. You know what ANGRY IF you are so right. I guess in a way I feel that too, that at least I can move on "normally" the next month. But she still sucks THAT moment, but you are so right, you really are.

  8. Love the picture! She is one ugly motherf-ker!!! Can we make her boobs sag much lower?

    Oh, I hope AF stops at your door for once!!! I'm sorry it sucks and 10 years is a long time, my friend, so I can really feel your pain. I have to give my yodel choir a call and we'll do a yodel dance as well for AF to go away for you!!!!!!

  9. Heh. I like the cartoon, even if it is of that damn bitch.

  10. I have a love/hate relationship with AF. Given the fact that I have PCOS, getting from one cycle to the next was a pain in the ass because my AF was always soooo late and WITHOUT a pregnancy. By the time the wench finally decided to roll in, I was glad to see her so that I could get busy with the next cycle. I always kind-of envied people who could count on AF to be there on a particular day. Like clockwork, every 28 days she would be there for some people, while I was still left waiting through cycle day 70+. Of course it would have been preferable if the hag didn't show up at all, but only if it meant that I was with child and not merely anovulatory!

  11. HAHAHA! That pic makes me laugh so hard.

    10 years are one cool chick with an awesome attitude. Did you know that? :)

    As always, I love your posts and I'm always praying...


  12. I wish I could kick that old witch to the curb for us all. I get so anxious the days leading up to her arrival always checking and thinking that maybe this month I am wrong. Then without fail, there she is.

    You are one of the strongest and most inspirational women around and I hope only the best for you, my friend. (hugs)

  13. I agree 110%!!!

    And the ironic thing is, I can remember when I used to pray that she would show up! agghhhh!!!

  14. The worst WORST thing is I have started a job at work titled the "Flow Coordinator" (I work in an ER so I contol the patient assignments). The staff have now taken to calling me "Aunt Flow"...great. Just the nickname I was wanting.


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