Friday, July 11, 2008

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Sure you can buy it anywhere, and its inexpensive, but I thought this was a cool recipe to make at home. My father buys from Starwest Botanicals all the time. He says they top quality products and are reasonably priced and excellent customer service.

Anyway, again just thought it was cool thing to share.


How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer (courtesy of Starwest Botanicals)

It's quick and easy to make your own natural, waterless hand sanitizer.

Gather Your Ingredients

1 cup aloe vera gel
1 tsp rubbing alcohol
2 tsp vegetable glycerine
8-10 drops tea tree essential oil or lavender essential oil

Simply blend all of the ingredients together and store.

Decide Where You are Going to Store Your Sanitizer
Be creative! You can recycle old liquid soap or hand sanitizer dispensers. You can also purchase a beautiful glass jar with a pump top to store and display your sanitizer. Think out of the box. If you find some nice glass jars and then add your own label, you can give home made sanitizers as gifts to family and friends!

Choose Essential Oils Carefully
The original recipe calls for tea tree or lavender oil, but you can be creative and use other types of essential oils as well. I like to pull out a list of oils that have antibacterial AND antiviral properties and make a blend that suits the season. Look at the properties of citrus oils, especially. Use oils that suit your likes as far as scents are concerned but will still add the cleansing properties appropriate for a hand sanitizer.

Use Sparingly
Your home made hand sanitizer will not dissolve into your hands as quickly or effectively as the commercial hand sanitizers you buy in the store. It is better to err on the side of too little than to end up wiping excess sanitizer off of your hands later. Waste not - want not!


  1. this is very cool, thanks. I always hate using the chemical ones.

  2. AH! So interesting!

    Easy to create!

    Love it!


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