Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yes we are back and I planned to post pics of Dahab and write all about our wonderful trip, but I can't, not now.

When we got home yesterday, we called for Florenzo, called and called and he was no where to be found. Then after an hour or so, we were watering the box in front of our house and i saw him down the street...i called him, he looked, stopped for a minute and ran so fast to us! he looked ok other than a little dirt around his nose and mouth. His left eye looked a bit droopy, but then when he opened his eyes wide, it looked ok last night.

So we were so happy that he was home, we played and petted him for hours. We had the security guard feed him while we were gone, so he was fed and ok that way. Maybe he got into a fight? I wish he could tell us what happened...

This morning, we go out to him, his left eye is swollen shut, has some puss around it, his mouth has lots of saliva, he is not cleaning himself and is not interested in eating or drinking at all.

I called a really good vet, a different one from the one we took him to last time- his name all over internet, and recommended by a pet owner we know here, he opens at 6:30PM and we will take him then. I described Florenzo to him on the phone, said the saliva could be one of fifteen different causes not necessarily rabies, which I immediately mentioned to him.

So please say a prayer for our baby, i have been crying all morning. I really love him so much. I am so hoping it is something that can be cured with a shot and some medication.

I will update after we get home from the vet later this evening....


  1. Ohhhh. I'll be thinking of poor Florenzo. Hang in there!

  2. Oh my, poor little baby! Please let us know how Florenzo's doing after your trip to the vet. I'm glad you gave him some TLC after you returned. He loves you all so much, and I know you love him just as much.

  3. Aww what a precious kittie. I hope all is well.

  4. Saying a prayer for him. Sounds like he's quite the rough and tumbly kitty-cat.

  5. Sending good thoughts to him!!

  6. hope he's ok! maybe just a fight, and nothing that some love and maybe antibiotics can't fix...

  7. Cats do tend to get into to trouble. My cat loved peeing on my husbands leather chair. Yep, It runined it, but did we get rid of that damn cat. No way! I love her. We got rid of the $1,ooo chair.

    I hope your little man heals up quick. Give him a pat on the head for me.

  8. Poor little guy. Wishing him a speedy recovery...

  9. No no no!!! Poor sweetie!!!

    I am sending him some cyber hugs and to you too!!!

    Please do keep us updated!!!


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