Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Copying Randomness

So as usual, its late and I should be sleeping, but i like reading blogs late at night, why, don't know.

Anyway, was reading Aunt Becky's blog at Mommy Wants Vodka and she posted lots of random thoughts. She asked her readers to post their randomness.

Now go ahead and post your random thoughts here too. Lets see what you got.

My randomness....just typing what comes to mind, i know scary!

smoked chicken is awesome on a sandwich, why are there so many kids here?, idiot drivers should be shot, it takes two to tango- i hate that phrase, people who chew loud suck, 7-up in orange juice with ice, glad I am not eating tomatoes in the US, ice with water and a lemon, need a haircut/color, obama- will he be pres?, chloe's a mom, who's the daddy?


  1. Those are some truly random thoughts. And now I want a smoked chicken sandwich. With cheese. :)

  2. Thats why I grow my own tomatoes. We have about 15 plants full of them.

  3. Hmmmm....I'm always random here.

    I wish I had a cleaning lady, I may ask for that for my birthday. For some reason, I am kind of depressed about my birthday. They're not that great when you get older.

    I'm also a whiny baby.


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