Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Facing life without children when it isn't by choice


As i was reading Your Kiss is on my List... Your Kiss I Can't Resist I found
an AWESOME blog.

What an amazing lady! She was featured in an article "Facing life without children when it isn't by choice" in the NY Times. So go visit her blog. It seems so many of you have and do, I can't believe I just found her!

Her article sums up what so many of us are going through and have experienced. Hopefully we will not have to stop trying; but if we do, we can find comfort in her writings.

Take a deep breath and read some of the comments about the article, they will blow your mind!

In our community of infertility there is always talk about what those who don't struggle with this demon say to those of us who do. I fortunately, have not had to deal with any direct negative comments from anyone. But my God after reading some of the ignorant, insensitive comments I can't imagine ever meeting, let alone talking to anyone like that!

If you haven't experienced it, don't say anything, not a word! What happen to empathy and kindness? Do they not exisit anymore in that great country of ours? It seems not.

Anyway thanks to Pamela for sharing our struggle with the world.


  1. hey there, thanks for dropping by!!!

    Glad to know you loved Pamela Jeanne's blog too..I love her blog too!

    I'm gonna tag you now!

    ps i'd love to visit egypt one day!

  2. I had to stop reading the comments after the first 10 or so. OMG. It is just pure ignorance, lack of perspective, and a little malice (though I don't get why). The ONLY reason they have this opinion is b/c "it" never happened to them (infertility). They never had to wonder why their bodies wouldn't work while all the bodies of everyone else around them did. I may not have a right to comment on this, but I am truly sorry for these thoughtless comments and opinions. I am glad you have not run into anyone that has said these things to you.

  3. I didn't even bother with the comments because the general public is too clueless to make an intelligent comment about infertility. It really is sad at how stupid and insensitive people can be. If the article were on fighting cancer I don't think the comments would have been so negative.

    I'm proud of Pamela for sharing her journey with so many. She sounds like an amazing woman.

  4. Thanks for directing us to the links. Good read; ignorant comments.

  5. Thanks for the link to the blog...I love it!

    I is amazing how stupid & insensitive people can be. I have not yet had to deal with this type of ignorance myself...but I am sure when I do, it will be followed by a visit to the county jail. :)

  6. Wandering in, returning a visit courtesy of NCLM.

    Thanks very, very much for your kind comments on my blog. I truly appreciate it.

    By the by, I'm probably going to be jumping myself into VMB mighty soon from the Third Coast...represent!


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