Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vet Mafia in da House yo!

So you wanna be down? Do what i did... F-it, JOIN VMB YO!

I have always been an undercover gansta beyotch and hid my gangsta ways for years now...damn it, its time they came out again yo!

So follow the rules and get down like a real gansta beyotch! I am calling all you infertile bitchez out, JOIN ME NOW and get down like a infertile gansta should yo!

Da Initiation process yo:

1. Figure out a gang name for yourself. Wishy-Wish

2. Take a pic of yourself (or just your hands) flashing the gang sign - middle fingers up, hands crossed at the wrists into a V and post it on your blog. Peep the flic yo!

3. Put the Vet button on somewhere on their blog (either in a single post or in the sidebar). Done yo, peep the sidebar.

4. Tell a story about the crappiest thing a Fertile ever said to you or something else vent-worthy. No one has dared dis Wishy-Wish before, eva!!! But you know what pisses Wishy-Wish off, is we gansta infetile bitchez are da bomb. Da ones tryin' so hard to get our kid makin' on and we can't catch a deal. Don't sweat it tho, we will all be gansta mamas someday soon, word yo! In the meantime, we can vent and dis the ferts, and anyone else who dare step to us yo.

5. Add your name and the permalink to your Initiation Post to the comments of this post. Done yo!

6. Visit at least 5 other VMB's and give 'em a shout out by commenting on their blog and linking to them on yours. Doing now, step off yo!

7. Come back here and comment on this post with your gang name and a permalink to your initiation post on your blog. We'll add your blog to the Mafia Roll Call once you've posted yourselves in, bitchez. Roll call me bitchez!


  1. I am cracking the freak up! LOL! You gots some serious blingage goin' in your gangsta pic! Welcome, Wishy-Wish! I'm adding you to the roll call! :)

  2. You know I had to dig up the gansta bling yo!!!

  3. Word up Wishy Wish! I am diggin the rings as well!

  4. Hey Wishy-Wish, The Barren-ness here. Love the bling!

  5. You are definitely a gangsta!!!

    Thanks for the invite, I will fo' sho' hook dat up!

    And, yo....where'd you get all that bling?

  6. 100% gangsta going on here. Love your pic and all that bling.

    I will check this gang out more tomorrow. Sleep wins tonight.

  7. So check it, i have all that bling and its real yo, but i never wear more than one on each hand yo.

    Wishy Wish had to go gangsta for the flic and put ALL on at same time.

    Don't hate and represent by joining up yo....

  8. You crakc me up (I think my first comment got lost). I'll join up once a get a picture....

  9. Yo, Wishy-Wish! EM/C here, givin' you the HOLLA!

    Kick-ass bling, sista!

    Keep the faith.

  10. Yo, Wishy-Wish! "Patches" here givin' ya a holla! Bling, Blang, BLAM! i couldn't dig up that much blingage. Cool.

    peace out!


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