Monday, June 9, 2008

Our little girl

I NEVER thought in a million years that

1. i would have a pet

2. call it my child

3. enjoy it so much!!!

So here's our girl Flora yesterday. It was SO DAMN HOT, i think almost 110! She was lazy and hot and it was too cute! We just love her to death! She is our daughter for now.

Its amazing how these little guys can really bring you joy when you are feeling down.

Its cool, every night before bed, we go outside and play with her ...we look out the staircase windows every now and then to see if we can see her. We are so happy she came to us.


  1. She is a sweetie! I got my Abby girl 8 years ago. I was single, lonely and needed a companion. Abby fit the bill perfectly, and was also very good at filtering out any jerk I may have tried to date. She basically picked out my husband for me - lol. Pets are wonderful.

  2. She is adorable!! I would be lost without my furbabies and their unconditional love. Everyday my DH or I will say, "Come look at Jordan or Molly." to show off whatever stunt they are trying to pull. Ours are old now, but still very much our babies.

  3. What a cute kitty! Both of my cats (Rex and Diego) are black and grey, so your cat's orange and whiteness is especially cute to me!

  4. Aw, she is a cutie!

    Animals are such good therapy! And they really are our children! :)

    Take care :)

  5. She is so pretty! I love orange tabby cats, they have such wonderful temperments.

  6. I am so glad you do have her to cheer you up! I feel the same way about my pup. BTW, you are probably not surprised that I tagged you today. See my blog. I hope that is okay. Answer or not, it's no big deal. I was sorry to read about the bus accident! I have to admit, you really do know how to find the bright side of things!

  7. Animals are the best. Seriously. I have a billion of 'em.

    2 dogs, 3 cats (we often foster cats, too) a bunny and a hedgehog.

    Your furbaby is so cute!

  8. Flora is sooooo cute. It's amazing how comforting pets can be when we're going through tough times. My dog has been by my side through every fertility treatment. I don't know what I'd do without him.

  9. Me again! Thanks for the well wishes :)


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