Friday, June 20, 2008

MoB Queen

Today I bought a replacement for my cotton yarn mop. Yes we have Swiffer and other type mops here in Egypt, and I have those too, but I use this as I just LOVE how cleans it my stairs so easily.

Check out the bag it came in. Who told em I was a gangsta now? And is it REALLY "the best clean too" ? LOL!

(*** f.y.i.*** in the Arabic language there is no "P" but rather a "B" so you see sooooo many misspellings when it comes to the English P).

As I was cracking up in the store aisle, i was thinking how MANY times I have seen crazy verbiage and spellings here.

Here a few examples of things I have on hand, in my house now, check it out....

Okay this is a menu for a BBQ place here, you get a free BRIDE with your grilled order!

Sweet... why couldn't have been a free BABY!

(Its suppose to say BREAD obviously) The craziest thing is this is the third "edition" of their menu and the spelling has never been corrected, think I should tell em...nah too funny leave it!

Okay now these two below are from a brand of rice I always buy called Doha Rice.

In the instructions they tell you how to cook the rice, ok, we have that on packages in the States, no biggie, but look what they say after "2 spoons of oil or butter AS WISHING". Meaning according to your taste I assume. Love it!

Now this one below, from same bag if rice, has a recipe for stuffed vegetables...look at the 4th ingredient, "2 packs of spiders".

SPIDERS????? I still haven't figured this one out, but I assume MAYBE they meant spices, but what kind?


  1. I can hardly cook already. I would be so screwed. Let me know how the spiders turn out. YUM!

  2. This post had me cracking up! Language mistakes can be the source of much amusement ... such as when I yelled out to my BIL after he dropped me by my hotel one evening in Dublin: "Thanks for the RIDE, Karl!" and all of the guys out front started cheering.

  3. Heh - even your mop is gansta!? You are too cool.
    Those are really funny. I like the "as wishing."

  4. Those are great! Umm...grilled pigeon? Is pigeon (on the plate) common in Egypt?

    Spiders - yum.

    You know you're gangsta when you clean your house with a badass mop.

  5. That is TOO funny! The spiders are the best ... I need to get me some of that rice! ~LOL~

    (HI! from NaComLeavMo)

  6. Bwahahaha! I think that this mistranslations are the best part of being in a different country.

  7. This is too funny!!!! Do many of the people there speak English (maybe a dumb question?!)...

    And who would have thought that they would have specially made mops for the gangsta in Egypt?!

    I still need to get my gangsta card! This weekend fo' sho'

  8. that is so funny!! thanks for sharing.

    love the gardening photos too..

  9. LOL! This is hysterical. I think we should call you the "mob queen" from now on. ;)

  10. OMG, those are great!! Let us know if you ever find out what spiders are.

  11. Wow that is too funny! nclm


    *still smiling as i type this comment!*

  13. I'm like Kym, digging the grilled pigeon! I've actually eaten grilled pigeon before and it's not bad..just a little bit darker than dove. I just have to wonder about it, though, as we all know where pigeons like to hang out..hmmm. Listen, can you link us curious readers to a post in your blog where you describe how you ended up in Egypt? We'd love to know.

  14. You crack me up! I love to hear your humor in these last few posts!

    You go, Wishy Wish. Get down with it!


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