Saturday, June 7, 2008

It came... (another Loser moment in my life)

White, sticky and peel you I do...

How i thought you'd be gone for awhile

You know I can't say I'm glad you're here, but hey thats life.

Glad I had two of you, have to go and get more

Its so damn hot out and I will not drive to the store.

I will wait till sunset to go get you, and hope you are there

Always sweet Always so nice of you to care.


  1. ((((Many hugs)))) AF after a failed xfer always feels like the final slap, at least to me.

  2. Hey girl...I hope you are feeling a little better. Physically, if not emotionally, at least!

    I think back to the days when I would pray for AF to come & now I can't wait for her to stay away...oh, the irony.

    You are in my thoughts & prayers :)


  3. That AF. What a blow. I'm so sorry. I've been watching your temp gauge and seeing how hot it is there. I don't blame you for venturing out at night when it is cooler. I really am so sorry. I can't imagine your disappointment. I do admire your courage and your optimism. Your ability to pick yourself up off the floor amazes me. Big love coming at you!

  4. More hugs coming your way. Poetry is a good way to deal with it...

  5. sorry to hear about AF's arrival, the poem was excellent!

    here from nacomleavmo

  6. (((HUGS))) so sorry...


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