Thursday, June 26, 2008



I got an email from my family member this morning about the ipod fiasco. (scroll down to read ipod post if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

Anywho, the email said that Mr. Fraud Fighter called him yesterday and that Mr. Fraud Fighter said that I should place my order, AGAIN and he will "personally see to it" that it is upgraded to 2nd day air. (I am waiting for details on the conversation went cause I am dying to know what he said happened.)

Okay you say, great, at least he called back and offered to ship 2nd day air. I guess you'd be right.

BUT....Our friend is leaving Sunday AM for Cairo.

This has to ship from CA to NY. Ok so its Thursday, i order today, it SHOULD get to NY by Saturday but I am just scared it will not get there in time. (Then my ipod sits there for a month, yeah right its stolen for sure cause USPS ain’t takin it back to their station are they? Even if they do it sits in the Post Office and not here with me. Then there is the issue of getting to Cairo. FEDEX is ONLY option as mail is non-existent here and then CUSTOMS, yes they will custom to death anything you send here even gifts and personal items- CRAZY!)

Another thing too, since Mr. Fraud Fighter is so good and prompt in returning voicemails (not mine though) I am just not sure he will ‘see to it” in a timely fashion.

There is no where to put a note or special instructions when you order, so will Mr. Fraud Fighter just be sitting in office monitoring the websites orders for today and then see mine and jump right to it? Not thinking so.***

So here's what I think I will do. I found an Apple Store where my family member lives, I will ask them to buy today and overnight to friend in NY. Why didn't I just think of this before? This is the best thing to do I think, don’t you?

*** I am not unappreciative believe me. I just wish I could talk to Mr. Fraud Fighter myself to see how this went wrong. In all honestly, I do not have confidence in this online retailer now. I Googled customer service issues with them and man do they have some complaints!!!


  1. Sounds like a good plan. I'm sorry for the frustrating situation. Hopefully you'll get that company of your friend AND the ipod when they arrive on Monday!

  2. I mean "the" company, as in, the visitor coming. Sorry! I know you must be excited to have a friend coming to visit.

  3. I think your option sounds like your best bet at this point. I hope you get your iPod this trip because they are awesome! Good luck, and let us know the outcome!

  4. Oh, good lord, what a hassle! In some ways this world is so small, but, stories like this illustrate just how "un-small" it still is!

  5. YES! You are going to love that little piece of technology heaven! Congrats! I cannot wait for you to get it and experience its magic. LOL!

  6. What a PITA!! I'm so glad your friend was able to pick one up. Enjoy your ipod and have a great time with your visitors!!

  7. Hey! can you post your email on my blog? I need it to add you to my reader's list :)


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