Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Beta

My first beta HCG came back at 61.2 mIU/ml.

My doctor said to test again in 48 hours to be sure that the numbers are increasing, God Willing they will.

I am thinking to wait another day, making it 72 hours from this first beta, is that smart or not? Should I consult my doctor or just do it. Everything i read online says numbers should at least double in 48-72 hours. So maybe 48 hours is ok?

Man I have been feeling so, so sleepy and been trying to rest and take it easy. I wonder if its psychological as its so early on for me yet.

I'm off to bed now, sweet dreams and be back soon.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! Take care of yourself and your little bean. :)

  2. That's a great number for a first beta! Wishing you all the best.

  3. Sounds like a good number (from other blogs that I've read)! :)

    Praying that # just keeps going up!


  4. My doctor wants anything over 25 - Your number sounds GREAT!

    I say go with the 48 hours, let the doctor worry about doubling time. He can always have you come back again and make sure things are progressing as they should.

    Sending good thoughts your way!

  5. Leave it to the doctor. Congrats, congrats, congrats! I'm excited for you!

  6. Hooray! That's a great number! I need to do this myself, and you know what? IT'S FREAKING ME OUT.

    Crossing my fingies for a great 2nd beta!

  7. Congratulations! That number sounds great - now let's see it double :) I can tell you that being very tired and sleeping like you've been knocked out are excellent pgcy signs - I am cheering for you & your little bean!

  8. Wuwuwuwu!!! Im dancing for joy over here. If you get a chance, follow this link.

    Its a video of me "belly dancing" at eight months pregnant. I think its quite appropriate for the moment/

  9. Oh this is wonderful!! Congratulations!! Great beta. The actual number itself isn't as important as the increase. Don't wait for 72 can do another in 48..even if it doesn't completely double it is the info you and the doctors need, and the rate of increase will determine doubling time anyway. Remember that in very early in pregnancy the beta doesn't always double in 2 days, and that does not mean anything. The good doubling starts at least 4 or 5 weeks into it. What was your progesterone level..and are you on progesterone? Super, super news! I'm guessing if you have strong doubling, they'll call you for an ultrasound around week 6 or 7. It will be vaginal, which is safe. If you have any cramping or bleeding they may do one sooner. If you do one during week 5, the only thing they'll see is a gestational sac and perhaps a small yolk sac. For them it is reassuring to see that the gestational sac is not collapsing, and if there is a yolk sac, they can measure it and the gestational sac and date the pregnancy (within a few days). But for you, that ultrasound may not be as reassuring as the one later on (7 weeks) where you'll see and hear the heartbeat. For now, try to enjoy this time, and as hard as it may seem, try to bond with your baby. For me, that was important for my anxiety levels.


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