Wednesday, June 25, 2008

'Fertility coaching' can it help women conceive?

I just read an interesting article 'Fertility coaching': can it help women conceive?.

My third and fifth IVf cycles were the toughest ones. I don't know if I would have taken advantage of a fertility coach had one been available to me, actually you know what, I think I would have as I would try anything that could improve my chances of getting pregnant.

When we start down this ART journey at first we are so hopeful and optimistic and just know its going to work. After a few tries and still no pregnancy it tends to get harder. You emotions are so raw and sometimes you feel like giving up. I haven't given up yet, I have just put my emotions into mental storage for the time being.



Hey do you live in Illinois?
Do you live withn a 24 mile radius of the city of Morris?
If so, you can apply for an IVF Grant with Angels of Hope, Inc.

I read an article about this organization here. I think it is absolutley fantastic that they are doing this for their residents.

You can visit the Angels of Hope website and read about The Creating Miracles Grant . There you can download forms and read qualifications to apply for this grant.

They also have a Grant called Everlasting Footprints that provides parents with the expense of funeral and headstone fees related to the death of an infant from stillborn to the age of three.

Another great reminder that so many beautiful people exist in this world. God Bless them.


  1. I think that this blogosphere can be considered an equivalent of (in)fertility coaching. IF is hard enough as it is, but it's so much more difficult to deal with the emotions when you have no one to discuss them with and get feedback from.

  2. Thank you for sharing that!! you share such good info :) I may get that book but this is very similar to what my therapist has been doing with me.

  3. hmm, I wonder if Illinois is nice this time of year... That would be awesome to get a grant. I'm in an IVF study, but still we have to pay ~$4000. Ugh.

    I agree w/ the pp, you do share great info!

  4. I'm all for counseling and positive thinking, but I hope the article or fertility coaching doesn't give the impression that if we just relax and think positively we can get pregnant.

    As an add-on tool, I think it is great to have some kind of positive sounding board to get out all the frustration and disappointment that goes with IF. As a stand alone idea though, I think it is off base.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think Kym got it - You guys are totally my infertility coaches!
    Hm. Too bad I don't live in Illinois.


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