Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Seven ovum

Well they retreived just 7 ovum yesterday.... just seven! Anyway will call in Thursday morning to see how fertilization is going.

Last time in 2006, we had so many more ovum, i guess two years passing for a woman in her 30's makes a big difference? Anyway, we'll see.

I was under anesthia, asleep totally, my husband said it took like 15 minutes or so...I don't remember a thing. I rested for an hour and a half and then we met with the embryologist. I asked a few questions about blastocyst transfer and it seems we may not have alot left over for freezing like last time, let's hope this transfer is successful.

So thats it. Now we wait to see if any grow to blastocyst stage.

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  1. But seven is a GREAT number! Did you know Im also trying to concieve? Its been a year and a half. It took me five years to have my first child. Well see. Who knows, maybe you and I will have multiples!


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