Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More BUT not enough

The doctor said today 4 more days of injections for me, will see him again Saturday. He said I have more follicles on both ovaries, but not enough and not large enough yet.

Anyway, sure hope those little suckers multiply and grow bigger soon. All in all really the injections are going ok. Not too much moodiness actually, not like last time.

I am just hoping that this time the blastocyst transfer takes, its so hard to be let down so many times...but the strange thing is, even though you know how bad we want a baby and are doing everything in our power, I am still OK with whatever happens. I think after all these tries and all the let downs, it just easier- for me anyway. I say this now, and it feels good typing, LOL. Let us just wait and see...

Positive thoughts and lots of prayers/supplications...God Willing it will happen this time.

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