Saturday, May 17, 2008

Little men or Little Dummies?

Ok so tonight we drove into Heliopolis (Cairo) to take our good friend to eat fruit salad and ice cream for the first time. This isn't any fruit salad and ice cream, its a place called MAGIC. It has been there since my husband was a child and they make it the same way all these years he says.

It's hard to describe, but at the bottom of dish is fruit salad in a gooey syrup like the juices of fruit but weird, cause its thick and fruit colored, then a layer of real whipped cream, then topped swith icecream of your choice...milk is bext choice, milk I guess you'd say is like vanilla. But they have many flavors to choose from.


After parking our car and strolling the streets of Korba and Roxy areas, we come across this shop window.....

I was hysterical! We laughed so hard! I have NEVER seen mannequins this short or this FREAKY looking ever before. I had to snap on mobile and share with the world. (the shop sold medical clothing/uniforms.)

What do you think, aren't they the freakiest looking dummies ever?

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