Sunday, May 18, 2008

Last chance tomorrow

Talked to the embryologist today, said our embryos were at the morula stage yesterday and looked great but as of 12 noon today had not yet reached blastocyst stage.

He said to call and check-in with him at 7pm tonight and hopefully they have developed more and we can transfer tomorrow am; as 6 days is maximum time for embryo replacement.

BUT, i have misunderstood something, we had all seven ovum fertilized and all cleaved. Ok, I got that.

None have been cryopreserved at all. Embryologist said that they needed to culture all to blastocyst, the 4 grade 1's ad the 3 grade 2's as to see if any would reach blastocyst stage.

Saying for example, the grade 1's maybe would not reach blastocyst but the grade 2's could, and vice versa.


This is it for this IVF cycle its blastocysts and a transfer tomorrow or bust....if bust, its over for this round. Man I sure hope those little ones split and blasto-sized.

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