Monday, May 12, 2008

HCG Shots at HOME?

My husband gave me an injection tonight...
He had to give it to me as the pharmacies here were not available to give an injection at midnight, despite the fact they are open 24 hours... ( i called ahead to ask). He did great and was so confident too, mash Allah.

So check this out.... we had to mix the injections first...drawing up the solvent or water into syringe and then injecting the water into powder vials that contain the medicine, not too hard right?

So me trying to help, I try to break off tip of glass vial that contained water, and I snapped it too far up the vial, and my finger started bleeding.

Then my husband takes off the cap of the syringe and he pokes his finger and is bleeding too, we were laughing so hard! I was like "are you sure you can do this, are we sure WE can do this...."

(not a pic i took, thank GOD! courtesy of Google images...)

Anyway went fine and all is good, a good laugh we had though, man!

So Tuesday AM is the retrieval day, let us hope we can get lots of eggs and lots fertilize too.

Our doctor mentioned to us again today the risk in culturing the embyros to blasocyst stage...saying that there is a risk that not many and sometimes none make it that far. We are aware of this, but want to try because IF they can make it to that stage, there is a higher success rate for implantation and we decided we are willing to take the risk.

On a different note, we went to a GREAT concert tonight, classical guitar and piano, it was awesome, took pics and will post some tomorrow and tell you more about it.

It's almost 2AM here, i gotta get to bed.... good night.

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