Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A great day!

Today my husband had his niece's son, we'll call him "O" who is 3 years old tomorrow actually, over for the whole day. He is a handful. Too cute and is super energetic, I guess most kids are at 3 years old aren't they?

It's a sad story for O, his sister (almost 2 years old) and their mother, my husbands niece.

A few months back her husband was killed. She is only 23 and the husband was only 27. She was left with these two small children. THANK GOD the family is super close, she has 5 sisters and they are all very close to each other and their mother, my husband's oldest sister. Everyone takes care of her and helps in every way with these small children.

O absolutely adores my husband and I think he looks up to him as a father like figure. He knows his daddy is gone, not sure he fully comprehends it. My husband's sister told us O looks at his fathers picture everyday and talks to him, laughing and giggling.

O and Flora too cute!!!

As i watched my husband play with O , he was so natural. He is SUPER good with kids ( all kids seems to sense this and always LOVE him too) and will make THE best dad I know it.

Our crazy girl Flora!!!

So it was a happy day at our house, a great little kid, our new addition the fabulous super kitty Flora, the sun was shinin' all was good.

So I am hoping in a few days I can finally tell him he's gonna be a dad....I hope so so badly.


  1. Thanks for stopping by today to comment on my blog!

    I am wishing you all the best in these last couple of days of the wait. I hope that you'll be able to give your husband good news!

    What a heartbreaking story about your husband's niece - thank goodness she has you and the extended family to depend on.

    I'll be reading more - I'm fascinated about the fact that you live in Egypt!

  2. Those are some of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen.


    And I have all of my fingers crossed right now, hoping that this is it!


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