Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flora our new kitty

So yesterday while we were watering the yard, the cutest little kitty appeared.


She was so playful and loving, like rubbing up against our legs and following us around the garden everywhere.

We went out for dinner, came home and she was waiting for us at the front door after about 3 hours!!!

flora 3

So we just had to feed her...

flora eating

She ate like she was STARVING, so the dish above is a second helping of tuna for her.

We woke up this morning, had breakfast and I told my husband lets go see if Flora is still here...I went outside walked around, I didn't see her.

Then a minute or so later, here she comes running to me, meowing and rubbing against me. So we fed her brekfast and we have decided she is here to stay, LOL.

We are both a bit hesistant about bringing her inside, we have both never had pets, we like them, but just not used to them. So for now, we will feed her and if she sticks around, she can be our outside kitty for now.

Too cute huh? Our interim daughter while we wait another 10 days or so to see if we have a human one in the making, LOL!!!

Oh, her name.... i just thought she looked like a "Flora" and she loves running in the garden, through the trees and plants, so thought it was appropriate. She's so playful and reminds us of a baby tiger actually, too funny!


  1. Too cute! Doesn't the 2 week window seem to drag on forever?

  2. It so does drag on, but you know, I am trying (emphasis on TRYING) not to think about it too much.... easier said than done though.

  3. She's SO CUTE! I have an insane amount of animals (3 cats, 2 dogs, a rabbit and a hedgehog), so you can safely say I have a bit of a bias when it comes to loving animals.

    ESPECIALLY orange kitties, seriously, there's something in their makeup that makes them extra-awesome. Ask any vet.


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