Monday, May 26, 2008

Calling all those who had blastocyst transfers


Since i posted below now its gone, nothing but clean wipes, LOL! I will follow you're advice Hope2morrow and stop worrying or reading into this stuff. God Willing its all good. I know you all may think I'm nuts, I am, but just want this too badly...I have to chill, I will try.

So much for me trying NOT to think too much.

Ok, today is 7 days after i had two (2) blastocysts transfered.

It is day 13 for these blastocysts.

It is cycle day 31 for me.

I need some opinions, and yes I will take these as personal, not medical opinions I know, don't worry.


I am trying not to be too graphic, but I want to see if any of you have experienced any of this.

Here goes...

I have some light red color when I wipe, nothing coming out if you will, but when i wipe, i see some very faint light red in streaks like. Its day 7 after transfer remember, could this be a good sign?

Three days ago, for three days until yesterday I had mucous like discharge with a VERY LIGHT color. It was thick, not much, small amounts.

So should i panic, no I know i shouldn't.

I haven't called the doctor yet, trying to be patient. But wanted to put it out there to see if ANYONE ever had this after a blasto transfer.

Again I KNOW all cases are different, but so many of you are so knowlegeable and have went through the same things many times before, so i thought I'd see if anyone replies.

I know I may kick myself for posting this, but I just had to.


  1. I don't remember experiencing the light red blood when wiping after the frozen transfer, but I do remember the discharge. I would assume both are normal. I try not to read too much into any sign after these procedures because then I get psychologically crazy! Good luck! Hang in there!

  2. How can we not be crazy when we are going through all these things- physically and emotionally? I'm taking a break, so I see things from a different perspective. It's much easier to remain calm from my stance on the outside view! You're doing great! Chin up, chica!

  3. Praying for you, girl.

    I know it's hard to wait and not read something into everything. I did the same thing!

    Hang in there! :)


    I hate that too..I'm praying it's not what you think it is...

    Big hugs and sprinkling some positive vibes on this post.

  5. I can't provide any good advice or helpful anecdotes, but I will say that I'm keeping everything crossed that this all works out! Good luck and hugs.

  6. Spotting around day 7(embies age or days post epu ect)is GOOD!. It sounds like implantation bleed. I have been hoping to see this in both of my previous cycle's but havn't and got negitive results. The magority of girls who see this implantation spotting get positives. I hope you do too.


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