Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stirrin it up....

Hey all, still here, LOL..... boycotted bloggin for no good reason really, but felt like saying hi today.

All is okay here in Cairo, nice weather, sunny days, cool nights the perfect winter really.

Any of you watch "24" ? I am such a FAN! We just completed Season 4 here in Cairo, I know Season 6 just premiered there...so I am now waiting for 5, (i may just download the entire season 5, found it online) but wanted to bring up the controversy it is getting in the press in the States. It is being said that Season 6's plot is very contorversial. Involves interning Muslims in camps, something that has been mentioned as a real reality in the USA. Ok, is that good, of course not. But I still am under the opinion, kind of anyway, that this is a "show" and so many folks hate Muslims so much already that this show is not going to make it worse. Will it make it better, I don't think that either, but I want there to be a balance...how can that be achieved, not sure, LOL! Anyway just my little nonsensical comment about a show I love and hope the controversy will be worked out soon.

In defense of 24 and FOX, they did put a disclaimer a few seasons back, saying that this is fiction and something to the effect of "not all Muslims...blah, blah...." That was nice of them and they didn't have to do that.

I know some of you will disagree with me on this, but listen here they play this show, we are a majority Muslim country and there has been no talk of this here. I think the fact remains its entertainment, and not all terrorists portrayed on 24 are Muslims. Anyway, thats it and please be polite when commenting , LOL. Love ya all......


  1. I am a fan of 24... and watching season 6. It's worth noting that in addition to- as you said- not all of the terrorists being Muslims, not all of the Muslims on the show are portrayed as terrorists. I think it's important to show what they are showing this season (the camps)- and to see the debate about it among the characters. Many of us are too young to remember that the camps were a mistake the US made during WWII with the Japanese.

    I obviously can't understand the Muslim positions and the offense taken, but like you said- the show is fiction and the fact of the matter is that our contemporary frame of reference is terrorism. Back during the cold war, the Russians were portrayed as the bad guys. In a few years, the a whole new crop of bad guys will show up.

    Personally, I believe that if you watch the show for any reason other than entertainment... like to, say, form your geopolitical views, then you really aren't smart enough to be watching TV.

    Hope you get to see Season 5 soon-- it was really good!

  2. http://tv.peekvid.com/s3048/


    I've never watched '24' but know plenty of people who do enjoy it, including my sister.

    My TV doesn't get the best of receptions for the FOX station.

    I used to struggle with the antenna to watch 'Malcolm in the Middle,' and 'Simpsons' but now that 'MitM' is finsished and 'S's' is drone city, there is no appeal for me.

    I also figure my TV must be a die hard Democrat, (like me;).

    The link above is from my college daughter's friend. It is pretty cool too.

    It's called 'Peekvid: Watch Videos Online' of your choice:
    TV Shows, Movies, Cartoons, Anime,
    & Asia Drama & Movies.

    You can view to your heart's content and catch up on the '24' series too.

    But ya really gotta watch ABC's "Ugly Betty." One of the best shows in a loooonngg time. About inner beauty, ethics, family values.

    While it's true it is a bit nasty at times, I still enjoy it.

    Or you can watch full episodes with 30 second commercials of ABC shows on their ABC official website. Since ABC has offered this option for viewers, NBC is catching on too. Not sure if CBS will. They are pretty lame.

    OK, enough TV talk from me.

    Post your spinach recipe please.

  3. M....wow you are awesome! I am so excited at the link you sent.....instead of downloading all the Season 5 episodes, I can watch online? MANNNNNNNNNNNNN oh MANNNNNNNNNN am i giddy now! Yeah Ugly Betty I know about, one of my Moms favorite shows now, I know the concept, you know actually teh show is the most poular in S America where many countries air their own "Ugly Betty" shows, thats how Penelope Cruz, (who I think produces this right, or is it Selma Hayak?) anyway, thats where the show concept came from. Miss ya M.


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