Friday, November 3, 2006

Need change?

I hope you guys liked all the chocolate recipes...I plan to try a few of them as they sound so, so good!

I have to share with you the concept of getting change here in Cairo when you buy something. Seems like an easy enough concept, right? We buy something, we pay with a larger bill, then we get the change back, right...not always the case here.

When I first experienced this I laughed so hard! I bought a few items in a supermarket and the cashier gave me back my bills and for the 75 piasters change I was supposed to get (100 piasters make 1 Egyptian pound = approx. $5.75 US) or so in change they gave me candy. Yes candy.

Then this continued to happen at different places and it just became kind of common practise. Still funny but I got used to it.

Then just yesterday I am at the pharmacy and he hands me my change, the bills and then gives me three bandaids, yes bandaids. I said to the guy "only in Egypt" and we had a good laugh!

So carrying too much change here is never a problem, cause you don't always get it! But to be fair, not all places do this.

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