Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Can't upload photos...why?

Hey all, salaam. Ok, why can't I upload photos to my blog anymore? Is it because I downloaded and am using Internet Explorer 7? Shouldn't be, but I cannot upload a photo at all? I will email Blogger and see what they say...

So what's new, well not much really, thanks for asking. Same old thing here in the beautiful deserts of Cairo. Weather is cooler now which is awesome, I love winter!

Hey, being the true Loser you all know I am, i created an account on a recipe website, woo hoo, do you want the link? Lets see how many of you do...leave a comment on this post, if I get enough, come on guys don't let me down, I will post it. I think I have just about 10 posted so far, but will continue to post as time allows, LOL.

Anyway just wanted to say "hey" and yes I am still here, will try to be better about blogging as you know how much interesting things I have to say...have a great day wherever you are. Peace...


  1. You mean FOOD!? Yes, i wanna know all about it!

  2. would love to see, do post please.


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