Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Defender of the Flag: In Memory of Alia Ansari

Salaam, hi everyone. I got an email today and I wanted to share.

Whatever your faith or belief, this article is moving. It is not about religion, rather about an innocent women who was gunned down last week, apparently for no other reason than that she chose to wear a hijab, a headscarf worn by some Muslim women.

The article was written by a Muslim scholar in California. He talks about the life and family of Alia Ansari . You can read it here: http://www.zaidshakir.com/Articles/In_Memory_of_Alia_Ansari_1969_zn.pdf

Here are a few more articles about Alia Ansari:




Let us all try to be more tolerant, respect each other and not judge a group based on the extreme, sometimes horrendous actions of a few who claim to relgious, but are indeed so very far away from religion. We should all try to get along in this crazy world we live in, it would make things so much simpler really, we all have it hard enough as it is....


  1. This is very sad. I was once held at gunpoint. Then the gunholder started to laugh ... it was all a joke. Ha ha, funny. I was walking to the train at the time.

  2. OMG fs how scary! Once while I was waiting for a bus, (just after I finished high school) a guy came up and asked me for a light, as I was reaching in my purse, he snatched my purse... I chased his a*s but he got away. Then I got my friend, got in their car, we drove all around looking for him ...never found him. But the really cool thing was at that time, I had no money, the few credit cards I had were maxed, so I was like woo hoo, he got a few dollars, maxed cards and some make-up- enjoy a**hole. But it was scary, like a violation.

    I should blog about what happened about 10 years ago to me while in my apartment, its a scary story too, maybe I will.


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