Friday, September 1, 2006

nothing too exciting

Just wanted to check in and say "hey".... hey!

The humidity is decreasing here which is great, it actually gets a bit cooler at night and in the early morning now, a welcome respite indeed.

Nothing too exciting here, still at home, not working and no plans to in the immediate future anyway. I keep busy though, and the time passes surprisingly very quickly always.

I just finished reading my favorite fellow Blogger, shes awesome! You know who you are and I wish you the best of everything always, whatever it may be. You are so strong and so filled with so much great wisdom, I know God will Guide you in the right direction....hugs to you my dear sister...

Well guys, off to bed now, 1:30AM....will check in again real soon. xoxoxooxxox

1 comment:

  1. Wishing 4 One, I could never stop checking your blog! You gotta keep us posted. How's the new house coming along? When do we ... i mean you ;)... move in? Any pics?

    And you still owe me a recipe for stuff cabbage (without meat!).

    So i'll keep checkin if you keep posting.

    XO FS


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